It’s a tie: CULytics names its vendors of the year

SAN JOSE, CA (March 14, 2018) — Each year, CULytics announces its Vendor of the Year at its annual Credit Union Analytics Summit, based on reviews and ratings from the group’s Solutions Gallery. This year at the 2018 Summit, it was too close to call.

Decision Minds received the highest customer ratings across reviews from all industries. However, OnApproach enjoyed the highest reviews specifically among credit union users. CULytics therefore recognized both organizations as joint 2018 Vendors of the Year.

“We’re quite excited to be recognized as Vendor of the Year by CULytics, at the largest analytics summit for the credit union industry,” said Balaji Rajagopalan, CEO, Decision Minds. “We’ve spent the last few years really focusing on how we can transform business processes and create new opportunities using data, digital technology and robotic process automation to make life easier for credit unions. It’s great that our passion is appreciated by the industry”

“We spent years trying to explain the need for credit unions to collaborate on analytics with very slow progress, said OnAppoach CEO Paul Ablack. “CULytics has had a huge impact on educating the industry and is critical to its future. CU Lytics has become a critical partner for us in getting access to other analytic Application partners that are vital to making collaborative analytics a reality. The Solutions Gallery is an excellent forum for credit unions to learn more about vendors and for vendors to showcase their products.”

“Products in the Solutions Gallery are reviewed and rated by customers. This helps the leaders in the credit union industry make their technology decisions with a higher trust degree and confidence,” said CULytics founder Naveen Jain. This year it was tightly contested, with more votes cast than ever before. We were delighted to have the Decision Minds and OnApproach teams with us to collect their well-deserved awards.”

About CULytics

CULytics is a community-based consultancy committed to helping credit unions get the most out of their investment in data and digital. It is dedicated to bringing together the credit union community by sharing expertise, industry best-practices and successes in data analytics and digital transformation. For more than seven years, CULytics has invested in the success of the credit union community by embracing its ideals and charting a path toward a brighter future for all.


Medhavi Singla
Sr. Marketing Manager

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