TMG and Dupaco Community Credit Union take Android Pay, Samsung Pay live today

DES MOINES, IA (February 4, 2016) — “We’re not just meeting a need today; we are preparing for the future of payments.” This perspective, offered by Dupaco Community Credit Union’s Todd Link, is shared by several financial institution clients of TMG (The Members Group) as they prepare for early 2016 rollouts of Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

The $1.3 billion Dupaco launched the availability of the Android Pay and Samsung Pay digital wallet solutions to its members today.

Dupaco worked with TMG to enable Apple Pay enrollment for its members in December 2014. Link, Dupaco’s senior vice president of risk management and remote delivery, anticipates the roll out of the Android and Samsung digital wallet solutions will have a cumulative impact on awareness and adoption of mobile payments. “Since its launch, Apple Pay has grown in terms of the number of members who now have tokenized cards, as well as in transactions. The roll out of Android and Samsung platforms is likely to help all three products grow in use.”

Most Apple Pay transactions initiated by Dupaco cardholders today take place in brick and mortar locations, and Link suspects the number of transactions will only increase as more people become accustomed to tapping instead of swiping. “Once consumers master paying via the smartphone and it becomes part of their daily financial behavior, we will see growth not only at the point of sale but in other channels, as well,” Link said.

According to Nate Duncan, TMG product analyst, making it easy for credit unions and community banks to adopt new payments products quickly is critical. “The largest issuers are getting the first crack at emerging payment solutions, which can put community financial institutions at a disadvantage with mobile-first consumers. Many simply aren’t willing to wait around for their card issuer to get on board. We’ve made it our job to get our clients into these digital wallets as quickly as possible so they can keep these influential relationships and potentially even create new ones. We do that with internal expertise, strategic partnerships and a fast, flexible implementation process.”

Simplicity for Dupaco staff and members has been the ultimate goal throughout enrollment, testing and training for Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Link reports all has gone well and credits TMG for setting out an easy path. “TMG does a fantastic job with product deployment,” he said. “Samsung Pay and Android Pay have been smooth thus far in testing and training pre-launch. Supporting three smartphone platforms will add some complexity for our card services team, but we are excited for the opportunity to put our members on the front-end of payments evolution.”

TMG enrolls its financial institution clients in digital wallets via a proprietary implementation package that makes enrollment quick and easy. Today, more than 75 percent of TMG’s financial institution clients are live or have a project underway with at least Apple Pay, if not also Android Pay and Samsung Pay. From January 2015 to January 2016, the number of Apple Pay transactions processed by TMG increased by a factor greater than 10.

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