TMG financial institution clients usher in Apple Pay

DES MOINES, IA (May 21, 2015) — Payment processor TMG (The Members Group) has enrolled 25 percent of its issuer clients in Apple Pay, the company said today. This accounts for roughly 10 percent of all financial institutions enrolled in Apple Pay. TMG leaders expect nearly half of the processor’s clients will be enrolled by mid-year.

Apple Pay adoption grew at a rate of 21 percent from March to April 2015. Of the total number of financial institutions live on Apple Pay, nearly 66 percent are credit unions.

“Apple Pay has been a good test of the credit union movement’s appetite for digital wallet solutions,” said Brian Day, TMG director of digital strategy. “Early-adopter clients have been ecstatic about rolling out Apple Pay and report similar enthusiasm for upcoming solutions like Samsung Pay and others.”

In a recent exclusive client webinar, TMG’s digital and product teams asked nearly 50 attendees which mobile wallets their financial institution plans to implement in 2015. Eighty-three percent of respondents said they plan to implement Apple Pay.

Dupaco Community Credit Union was the first of TMG’s clients to enroll in Apple Pay. Following an initial pilot with a select group of iPhone 6 users in December 2014, Dupaco completed a full roll out of the digital wallet to its members.

“The driving factor behind all of the technology we implement is to allow members to bank on their terms—do what they want, when they want, from where they want,” said Todd Link, Dupaco Community Credit Union, senior vice president of risk management and remote delivery. “We strive to continually improve our members’ access to their financial home, whether that’s through mobile deposit, person-to-person payments, web chats or Apple Pay. TMG helps ensure Dupaco remains relevant to our members.”

Link says the enablement of Apple Pay and tokenization is just one component of a larger consumer-focused, high-tech enhancements strategy.

“Because of strategic partnerships with Visa, MasterCard and First Data, TMG clients can achieve Apple Pay and tokenization projects in less than 45 days,” said Day. “Of course, speedy enrollment is driven by the issuer’s ability to meet tight deadlines, as well as the readiness of their processing partners, including PIN networks.”

TMG clients have access to a streamlined Apple Pay and tokenization enrollment process, similar to the one TMG built for its clients’ migration to chip cards supporting the EMV standard. TMG’s role within an Apple Pay project begins with the setup of the tokenization infrastructure with the card brands (Visa/MasterCard). TMG works closely with its strategic partner First Data to ensure processing readiness for each client initiating a project. TMG also facilitates a mix of smaller functions throughout a given project. This includes coordination of contracts and paperwork, card artwork, meta data, testing, reporting, training and call center readiness. Cost reduction is a priority, and to-date TMG has saved those clients enrolled in Apple Pay more than 60 percent of the total implementation costs.

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