TMG launches ‘Smart-AIM’ credit card mobile app at 2016 Executive Summit

App allows credit cardholders anytime, anywhere digital access to credit card accounts

DES MOINES, IA (June 29, 2016) — Payments processor TMG today surprised its TMG Executive Summit audience with the launch of a consumer-facing mobile app. The app, called Smart-AIM, puts consumers’ credit card accounts at their fingertips from virtually anywhere.

Available soon for download from both Apple and Android app stores, the native app allows the credit cardholders of TMG’s clients to make payments, view recent statements and manage their accounts from their mobile devices. In addition, cardholders can use the app to make changes to their accounts, notify TMG of travel plans or suspend their accounts if a card has been misplaced or stolen.

Through the app, cardholders will also be able to access SmartControls. This new technology solution gives cardholders the ability to determine where, when and how their cards can be used, as well as monitor their account activity, request account information and set up alerts.

Credit cardholders with Apple and Android devices equipped with touch identification technology will be prompted to log into Smart-AIM with their fingerprints.

“We’ve had a great deal of success with our consumer web applications,” said Brian Day, TMG’s director of digital strategy. “A mobile app is a strategic extension of our digital expertise designed to cater to today’s mobile-first consumer.”

According to Day, one of the most exciting aspects of the mobile app is that it has been built on TMG’s application programming interface (API) platform, UniFI. This will allow TMG the flexibility to develop and deploy new features and/or connect with new technologies to evolve the app over time. Currently being piloted with a small group of financial institutions, Smart-AIM is expected to be a rapidly iterating solution, and clients can expect to see additional phases roll out in the coming months.

In its first phase, Smart-AIM will mirror the functionality of MyCardInfo, the online account management interface used by credit cardholders of TMG’s clients. As the app progresses through its evolutionary phases, Day expects it may one day allow TMG’s clients to API Smart-AIM information into their own mobile banking apps to create one, seamless digital banking experience for cardholders.


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