TMG Shares How Card-Issuing Clients are Preparing for EMV

DES MOINES, IA (September 13, 2013) — In a podcast broadcast live Sept. 11, Dan Lozier, director of client relations for payments processor The Members Group (TMG), described how TMG’s clients are readying portfolios for the country’s migration to the EMV standard.

According to Lozier, there are essentially three EMV implementation strategies TMG’s clients are pursuing:

1)     Rolling out new EMV cards at the time of natural reissue

2)     Segmenting the portfolio, issuing EMV cards to select cardholders

3)     Continuing to monitor the EMV landscape before setting a defined plan

TMG VP of Marketing and the podcast’s host, Georgann Smith, said each of the three EMV implementation strategies is supported by TMG. The processor is consulting with clients individually to determine the best course of action for their portfolios.

Lozier said his clients’ EMV roadmaps have largely been determined by the number of cardholders in a given portfolio who travel. Limiting fraud, however, is another motivating factor, as the October 2015 liability shift nears.

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TMG Podcast topics currently in the library include:

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