Tracy Ashfield plans to step down from position as ACUMA President

The longtime association leader plans to assist in transition to new president

MIDDLETON, WI (September 30, 2021) — ACUMA President Tracy Ashfield has notified the board that she plans to transition out of her current role, effective January 30, 2022.

Ashfield says she will still be involved with credit unions and the association, through her consulting services. However, she will be leaving her role as president and as an ACUMA employee in order to focus more time on her family and personal needs.

The board is in the process of hiring a search firm to find a replacement for Ashfield, with the expectations that a new president will be announced before the end of the year.

Ashfield says she will remain as president through the end of the 2021, so she can wrap up end-of-year responsibilities, and into 2022 to help the new president transition into their new role.

Ashfield describes her 24 years with ACUMA as “a labor of love.” Since becoming president in 2020, Ashfield has guided the organization through the challenges of pivoting from in-person events to virtual events, through the COVID pandemic, then back to live events.

During her years with the association, Ashfield has been the curator of ACUMA’s event programming, bringing relevant and timely educational content to the growing list of members.

“It’s been fun, thrilling, and exciting, even with all of the adjustments for COVID. I knew that our members, partners and sponsors were counting on ACUMA to help them with their own COVID challenges as they served their members,” Ashfield says.

Board Chair Tim Mislansky says he foresees a smooth transition, with a continuation of all of the association’s planned programming. Mislansky says that ACUMA’s director of events and member relations, Krista Korfmacher, is poised to maintain the association’s events calendar as the new president takes the helm.

Ashfield has worked as a consultant and subject matter expert with ACUMA since 2000. In that time, working with founder and former president Bob Dorsa, she has helped the non-profit grow from a handful of members to an organization with more than 400 mortgage-lending credit union leaders.

Ashfield is a well-known figure in credit unions with nearly 30 years in mortgage banking leadership roles at numerous mortgage banking firms. She also headed Mortgage Development for CUNA Mutual Group. In 2000 she created Ashfield & Associates, a consulting and training firm that assists credit unions, large and small, with mortgage lending strategy, program development, policies, product design, training and strategic planning.

Mislansky says the board is grateful for the leadership and expertise Ashfield has brought to the association over the past 24 years, and especially grateful for her leadership during the trying times of the COVID pandemic.

Tracy Ashfield


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