Trailblazer CU Strategic Planning dominates CDFI field setting record $100 million awards

Milestone cements legacy of reshaping the credit union industry as the U.S Department of Treasury announces CDFI Awards

TACOMA, WA (September 20, 2018) — A new milestone was established in the credit union industry today when the CDFI Fund announced the FY2018 FA/TA Awards. CU Strategic Planning crossed the $100 million mark for cumulative CDFI awards won by a single grant writing firm with the $19.1 million it won this year. This industry leading company celebrates its 10th anniversary of successfully invigorating credit union CDFI performance.

With this year’s results, CU Strategic Planning reached $101.5 million in cumulative awards for 75 credit unions in 32 states, DC and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Its staff authored 24 of the grants awarded to credit unions by the CDFI Fund today.

Established in 2008, CU Strategic Planning was the first firm to write a winning grant for a credit union over $1 billion, and in contrast has also won a grant for a credit union with only $100,000 in assets.

CU Strategic Planning Impacts 2008-2018:

  • $101.5 million in Awards
  • 118 winning grants
  • 75 credit unions
  • 32 states
  • Over $1 billion in loans originating to consumers as a result of grants
  • 150,000 moderate-to-low income individuals receiving loansCU Strategic Planning CDFI Milestones
  1. 2008  Founded and won its first CDFI grant
  2. 2009  Won the only grant awarded in the Supplemental CDFI Fund FA Round
  3. 2010  Won its first NACA grant for credit unions serving Native Americans
  4. 2011  Won $8 million in secondary capital for credit unions in the CDFI CDCI awards

2013 Broke the record for the most credit unions winning awards in a single state in one year and the most credit unions certified with Community Development Across Missouri©.

2015 Established Community Development Across Florida© resulting in over $11 million in grants to the state to date.

2017 Exceeded $1 billion in loans originated to consumers as a result of grants 2018 Won the first Capital Magnet Fund Award for a credit union.

2018 Exceeded $100 million in cumulative CDFI grants to credit unions.

“What these results reflect is the inspiring impact we’ve helped credit unions achieve in their communities and transforming lives,” said CU Strategic Planning Founder, Jamie Strayer. “The significance is something I could never have imagined when I started this company at my kitchen table 10 years ago. Today our five owners and staff of 13 are industry leaders, former trade association and credit union executives who are experts in their fields. What we’ve accomplished is only possible with a team and that’s why we win so many grants.”

Use of Funds Breakdown

Since 2008, the 75 credit unions winning grants written by CU Strategic Planning have leveraged the funds to increase lending in the following ways:

Available for Interview:

Jamie Strayer, Founder, CU Strategic Planning (253) 732-4369
Michael Beall, Owner, CU Strategic Planning (202) 802-0036

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About CU Strategic Planning

Since 2008, CU Strategic Planning has provided business planning services for credit unions, focusing on community development. The company is the No. 1 CDFI certification, grant-writing and compliance firm for credit unions in the country. Through grants, strategic and tactical planning, community summit facilitation and more, CU Strategic Planning achieves its mission to unlock opportunities for credit unions to change lives and their communities. CU Strategic Planning’s expert consulting includes securing and managing compliance for $945 million in US Treasury CDFI grants and related award funding.  


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