Trunomi to introduce industry’s first mobile app for data sharing, KYC Compliance Tool at BAI Retail Delivery’s NexTech Hub

(November 10, 2014)

Trunomi has been selected to join the NexTech Hub at BAI Retail Delivery 2014, an area in the expo designed to showcase technology changing the way we think about banking, from self-service solutions to tools for improving efficiencies.
Trunomi will demo TruHub, a Know Your Customer (KYC)-compliance tool for banks and TruMobile, a correlating mobile app for consumers.

Founder Stuart Lacey is available for meetings during BAI and following the conference. Lacey can share his perspective on:

  • The burden of KYC auditing for banks and the need for efficient, secure data sharing techniques;
  • Consumers’ diminishing privacy and security concerns posed by the proliferation of apps, wearable devices and even drones; and
  • How Canada and the UK’s shift to an opt-in approach to customer communication better protects consumers’ sensitive information.

Booth B in the NexTech Hub
BAI Retail Delivery 2014
McCormick Place, Chicago,  West Building

Trunomi’s TruHub enables banks to easily comply with KYC regulations by efficiently and securely collecting customer due diligence information. The enterprise solution makes customer onboarding five times faster and 80 percent cheaper.

The TruMobile app houses consumers’ Personally Identifiable Information (Pii), empowering them to update data as needed in real time and give banks permission to access their information for new accounts and other activities.

About Trunomi
Trunomi is a Silicon Valley based company that provides Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance technologies for regulated entities (RE) through a platform that accelerates, simplifies and secures the customer on-boarding process. The company offers B2Me solutions that enable REs and their customers to easily create auditable “Golden Source” digitized sets of customer identification data and then simply and securely share them anytime, anywhere; in full compliance with global privacy and regulatory requirements.

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