Trust for Credit Unions’ board renews key contracts for administration & distribution

WASHINGTON, DC (January 24, 2018) — The Board of Trustees for Trust for Credit Unions (TCU), the oldest and largest mutual fund family created for and by credit unions, renewed key contracts for administration and distribution during its recent quarterly meeting. As part of its ongoing governance role, the Board of Trustees reviews and evaluates each provider annually to ensure that its credit union investors are receiving the best services available.

Callahan Financial Services, Inc. (CFS) will continue to serve as TCU’s distributor. CFS is a registered broker/dealer and a subsidiary of Callahan & Associates. This organization has been responsible for the marketing and sales of TCU since the funds’ inception and has a deep understanding of the credit union industry’s unique needs.

Callahan Credit Union Financial Services Limited Liability Partnership (CUFSLP) will continue to serve as administrator for TCU.  Thirty-seven leading credit unions, along with Callahan Financial Services as general partner, provide innovation, collaboration and thought leadership through CUFSLP. As the original founder and long-time administrator of TCU, this group of credit union executives also provides direct input regarding credit unions’ ongoing investment and strategic needs.

“As key service providers, these organizations continue to demonstrate their capabilities to the entire Board of Trustees on an ongoing basis as well as during our annual review process,” said Jim Regan, Chair of TCU’s Board of Trustees and President/CEO of Digital Federal Credit Union. “The continuity of these providers is a positive sign of the commitment each organization has to TCU’s ongoing role within the industry. This is especially true in 2018 as we embark on the first full year of TCU’s new chapter with ALM First Financial Advisors, Inc. serving as the funds’ investment advisor.”

TCU helps credit unions succeed in serving their members by providing a professionally managed family of mutual funds — exclusive to credit unions — as well as the information and analysis they need to support investment decisions. Created by some of the leading credit unions with oversight by a board of trustees, TCU’s mutual fund options keep credit unions always invested, are professionally managed, and are based on the cooperative values of credit unions.

In addition to the mutual fund products TCU offers, credit union professionals can also take advantage of a wide range of educational investment information and resources, including daily and monthly market commentaries. For more information, visit or contact TCU at 800-CFS-5678.

About Trust for Credit Unions (TCU)

The Trust for Credit Unions (TCU) is a family of institutional mutual funds offered exclusively to credit unions. Callahan Financial Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Callahan & Associates and is the distributor of the TCU mutual funds. ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC is the investment adviser of the TCU mutual funds. To obtain a prospectus that contains detailed fund information including investment policies, risk considerations, charges and expenses, call Callahan Financial Services, Inc. at 800-CFS-5678. Please read the prospectus carefully. For questions, please call the TCU Group at 1-800-237-5678.


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