Trust for Credit Unions celebrates 30-years of delivering value to the industry

WASHINGTON, DC (May 31, 2018) — Trust for Credit Unions (TCU), the oldest and largest mutual fund family created for and by credit unions, celebrates its 30-year anniversary this month.

“It is an amazing statement to the original vision that we can celebrate this milestone,” said Jay Johnson, President of TCU. “TCU has served hundreds of credit union investors and reached more than $4 billion in assets under management.”

When TCU first launched, Fed Funds was at 7.1% before moving to nearly 10% in 1989, and then staying near zero for seven years through 2015. Throughout the ups and downs of the financial markets, TCU has provided value to credit unions every day through innovative investment solutions ranging from overnight options to target maturity portfolios.

The credit union industry itself has undergone tremendous change and growth over the past 30 years. Membership has doubled from 57 million to 113 million. Assets have increased sevenfold from $192 billion to $1.4 trillion. At $355 billion, the industry’s total investment portfolio today is five times the $66 billion it was in 1988.

Today, TCU offers two portfolios. The Ultra-Short Duration Portfolio is an enhanced cash portfolio designed to target a nine-month duration and the Short-Duration Portfolio is comprised of high-quality, shorter duration government agency debt and mortgage-backed securities designed to target a longer-term strategy. In addition to continuing to evolve the portfolios offered, TCU has brought together a strong organization of best-in-class service providers over the years.

“TCU continues to evolve today and the engagement of many exceptional industry leaders over the years has made all the difference,” said Jim Regan, Chairman of TCU’s Board of Trustees and CEO of Digital Federal Credit Union. “In addition to our 30-year anniversary, we’re celebrating just over a year with our new investment advisor, ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC.”

Below is a picture of the original TCU Trustees that is displayed in Callahan Financial Services, Inc.’s office.

Bucky Sebastian, Callahan & Associates Co-Founder, Former GTE FCU CEO and Former Executive Director of NCUF; Bob Coen, Economics Professor/Dean at Northwestern University; Tom Condit, Former President of National Co-operative Bank; Ed Callahan, Former NCUA Chairman, Callahan & Associates Co-Founder & Former CEO Patelco Credit Union; John Collins, Partner Steptoe & Johnson and Former Staff Director US Senate Banking Committee; (Front Row) John Otsby, Former Marine JAG Officer and NCUA General Counsel; Jim Barr, Former Washington Office CEO of NAFCU and CUNA; and Gene Artemenko, Former CEO United Airlines Credit Union.

About Trust for Credit Unions (TCU)

The Trust for Credit Unions (TCU) is a family of institutional mutual funds offered exclusively to credit unions. Callahan Financial Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Callahan & Associates and is the distributor of the TCU mutual funds. ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC is the investment adviser of the TCU mutual funds. To obtain a prospectus that contains detailed fund information including investment policies, risk considerations, charges and expenses, call Callahan Financial Services, Inc. at 800-CFS-5678. Please read the prospectus carefully. For questions, please call the TCU Group at 1-800-237-5678.

About ALM First

ALM First Financial Advisors is a strategic partner for depositories, offering an array of financial advisory services. Since 1995, our expertise in asset/liability management, fixed income portfolio management and hedging, has allowed us to deliver deeper insights into financial institutions’ balance sheets, strengthening their financial performance and building efficiencies. With more than $20 billion of investments under management, ALM First is an SEC-registered investment advisor, acting as an unbiased third party, offering commission-free, fee-based services to over 250 financial institutions across the country.


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