Tyfone signs its first non-credit union client for digital banking

PORTLAND, OR (January 27, 2021) — The 110-year-old Emprise Bank, based in Wichita, Kan., recently selected Tyfone’s omnichannel nFinia® digital banking platform for all its online and mobile banking needs. When Emprise goes live with nFinia later this year, it will become Tyfone’s first customer in the community bank space. To date, all of Tyfone’s other customers have been credit unions.

“We’re not a typical community bank, nor do we want to be,” said Jason Beckmann, EVP of Innovation and Strategy at Emprise Bank. “We think a little different. We call it the Emprise way.”

According to Beckmann, this includes looking beyond the banking industry for research and future trends. He noted that consumer expectations are rapidly evolving with omni-channel technology driven by the Amazons and Googles of the world, which in turn drives the kind of personalized and relevant experiences consumers expect, and what Emprise wants to create for its customers.

“We think differently about how we provide solutions to our customers,” added Beckmann. “We’ve found that if you keep your focus too narrow when you’re looking for innovative solutions and partnerships, you may make incremental improvement but not what I would call step-function improvement.” He said that widening the bank’s evaluation beyond the traditional digital banking providers led Emprise Bank to select the nFinia platform.

“We found that Tyfone has that perfect balance of a really strong innovative spirit and a very open product,” said Beckmann. “In short, it became clear that Tyfone would be a strategic partner in helping us build out a truly exceptional customer experience.”

“Like all of our customers, Emprise Bank has a strong commitment to both community and innovation,” said Dr. Siva Narendra, Tyfone’s CEO. “We’re very pleased that Emprise recognized what we have to offer in terms of both technology and innovative culture. Emprise is our first community bank customer, but I’m confident it won’t be our last.”

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Based in Portland, Ore., Tyfone is a leading provider of consumer and commercial digital banking services for community financial institutions throughout the U. S. We understand that an elegant, engaging, intuitive user experience is the minimum requirement for any digital banking provider. What differentiates Tyfone is our unwavering commitment to continuous innovation, exceptional collaboration and superior execution. We consider each customer a true partner and place the highest value on every relationship. To learn more about Tyfone, visit and connect on LinkedIn.


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