Tyler Valentine, CEO of StagePoint Federal Credit Union appointed to the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions

LARAMIE, WY (December 12, 2023)StagePoint Federal Credit Union proudly announces that Tyler Valentine, President & CEO at StagePoint FCU, has been appointed to the prestigious Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions (WFCU). 

The Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, renowned for its commitment to global credit union  development and financial inclusion, has selected Tyler Valentine to join its distinguished board. With his  extensive experience and dedication to advancing the credit union movement, Mr. Valentine is poised to  make valuable contributions to the foundation. 

As the CEO of a smaller credit union in Wyoming, Valentine brings a unique perspective on the challenges  and opportunities of running a community financial institution in a rural area. He also brings a varied  network of peers, colleagues, and vendor relationships that can be brought together to further support  WFCU’s mission of empowering credit unions worldwide. 

“Tyler has been an integral part of StagePoint FCU. He has consistently demonstrated a passion for  fostering financial well-being and inclusivity. His appointment to the Worldwide Foundation for Credit  Unions is a testament to his commitment to the principles and values that underpin the credit union  movement,” said StagePoint Board of Directors Chair, Annette Suloff. 

Upon receiving news of his appointment, Mr. Valentine expressed gratitude and excitement about the  opportunity to contribute to the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions. “I am honored to serve on the  board of such a prestigious organization dedicated to strengthening credit unions worldwide. I look  forward to working collaboratively with leaders of the movement to promote financial inclusion and  empower communities through the credit union model,” he remarked.

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StagePoint Federal Credit Union has been a reliable ally for hard working people pursuing a brighter future since 1935. As a trusted financial partner, StagePoint  recognizes that life unfolds through various stages, each carrying unique challenges and aspirations. At  each critical stage, the StagePoint team understands members’ needs, helping them transform their  dreams into tangible realities.  


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