UCCU announces land acquisition for future headquarters office

QUINCY, IL (October 23, 2023)United Community Credit Union (UCCU) is thrilled to announce the successful purchase of a new property, which will serve as the location for a future headquarters office. This strategic move represents a significant milestone in their ongoing commitment to better serve their members and enhance their services.

The new UCCU headquarters will be situated at the prominent intersection of 36th Street and Columbus Road, conveniently located at 621 N. 36th St. This choice of location was carefully selected due to its central position and high-traffic area, making it easily accessible for members. UCCU believes that this location will offer unparalleled convenience, ensuring that its members can access services effortlessly.

UCCU has been diligently working to expand and diversify its offerings to meet the evolving financial needs of its community. Our current branches have reached their capacity, leaving limited room for further expansion. As UCCU continues to grow and innovate, it became essential to secure a new, modern headquarters that can accommodate expanding operations and provide state-of-the-art facilities for UCCU’s members.

Groundbreaking in 2024:
UCCU is excited to share that the groundbreaking ceremony for the new headquarters is scheduled for the year 2024. This significant event will mark the beginning of construction and set the stage for a bright future for UCCU.

Acquisition Details:
The property was acquired from Quincy-Cullinan, LLC, further demonstrating a commitment to responsible growth and strategic development. UCCU is confident that this new headquarters will not only meet the needs of its members but also provide an optimal work environment for its dedicated staff, ensuring that they can continue to deliver exceptional service for many years to come.

As they move forward with this exciting project, UCCU remains dedicated to its mission of empowering its members to achieve their financial goals. They look forward to sharing more updates as they progress toward this transformative milestone.

About United Community Credit Union

United Community Credit Union (UCCU) is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution dedicated to providing exceptional financial services to its members. With a legacy spanning 80+ years, UCCU is committed to empowering its members to achieve their financial goals and dreams. For more information about UCCU, please visit


Sarah Distin
President & CEO
United Community Credit Union

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