uGenius Helps Canadian Financial Institutions Improve Operations and Customer Service

15 uGenius Personal Teller Machines are Currently Deployed Nationwide, Helping Canadian Banks and Credit Unions Effectively Serve Both Urban and Rural Areas
Institutions Using uGenius’ Video Banking Technology Solutions have Increased Service Hours an Average of 27 Hours per Week

SALT LAKE CITY (October 24, 2012) – Financial banking institutions across Canada – including TCU Financial Group in Saskatchewan, and North Peace Savings and Credit Union in British Columbia – have improved operations and are able to better serve their members since adopting uGenius Technology’s comprehensive multi-channel video banking solutions.

Leveraging a combination of video collaboration and remote transaction processing technology, uGenius’ Video Banking System enables financial institutions to cost effectively increase access to services at existing branch locations as well as other high-traffic areas such as retail stores or supermarkets. Agents are able to work from a centralized location and provide virtual one-on-one service to banking customers at multiple branches through technology like the Personal Teller Machine (PTM).

“We strive to make conducting banking transactions as easy as possible for our members, but because we serve many people in small remote communities it is not always feasible to add an entire new location that they could easily access,” said Mitchel Chilcott, CEO of North Peace Savings and Credit Union. “For instance, opening a typical physical branch in Taylor, British Columbia would have been unrealistic, but installing one of uGenius’ PTMs there last April has allowed us to offer members living in that area 72 hours a week of personal banking service with a qualified teller.”

uGenius provides a feasible option for institutions that are looking for a way to extend teller services to clients without having to incur the costs associated with hiring additional staff. The practicality has been catching on over the past few years and there are now 15 uGenius PTMs deployed across Canada, and financial institutions using uGenius technologies have added an average of 27 hours of service per week.

“Since adopting uGenius’ technology, we’ve been able to increase access to our services, have already seen more than 350 customers a month take advantage of our extended hours and we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback,” said Morris Smysnuik, CEO of TCU Financial Group. “Our members really value the human touch, and we feel that with uGenius, we have found a perfect balance of convenience and personal interaction with a qualified teller.”

The uGenius Video Banking System allows agents to remotely conduct the following transactions via a video banking device:

  • Cash and cheque deposits
  • Cheque cashing Cash, coin and cheque dispensing
  • Account payments and transfers
  • New account and loan initiation

“At uGenius, we are continually designing solutions that meet both our clients’ concerns of keeping operational costs down, and the desire of banking customers to have a highly personalized, face-to-face interaction with a service agent at their local branches,” said Gene Pranger, founder and CEO of uGenius. “We are thrilled to be gaining such momentum in Canada, and we look forward to building additional relationships there as more institutions in the country recognize the impact uGenius can have on their business.”

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About uGenius Technology
uGenius Technology is revolutionizing access to live transaction services by creating personal, convenient, and efficient methods of servicing customers through the use of personal video transaction technologies. uGenius is the leading firm in providing comprehensive multi-channel video banking solutions to financial institutions. The primary product line is the uGenius Video Banking System which allows financial institutions to provide teller services remotely to customers by using video banking enabled devices. uGenius ( is based in Sandy, Utah.

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