uGenius Launches Online Video Banking Interface, Expands Access to Interactive Banking Assistance

Banking Customers Can Now Receive One-on-One Assistance from a Qualified Agent from Their Home or Office Computer
Financial Institutions are Able to Cost-Effectively Service Customers by Extending Hours of Availability via uGenius Online Video Banking

SALT LAKE CITY (October 9, 2012) – uGenius, the leading firm providing comprehensive multi-channel video banking solutions to financial institutions, today announced the launch of uGenius Online Video Banking, a new interface that enables financial institutions to engage with customers remotely at any time and from anywhere using a video-capable computer.

This innovative online banking interface is powered by the uGenius Video Banking System, a powerful software solution that combines personal video banking tellers with the ability to control devices remotely. With uGenius Online Video Banking, financial institutions can have a new account, loan, investment, or mortgage expert available up to 24 hours a day to interact face-to-face with customers to help answer questions, resolve issues, compare products, and initiate and close loans, among other activities. Using any video-capable computer, such as a laptop or home computer, the customer can initiate a call from the financial institution’s website, which is then routed to the bank or credit union’s agent who can address their specific need.

“With this new offering, we have blended the customer’s desire for both personalized assistance and convenience,” said Gene Pranger, Founder and CEO of uGenius. “Financial institutions may now offer their customers additional points of contact at their exact moment of need. Using their computer, customers can get personal help with questions, loan applications and more, all without having to travel to a branch.”

By breaking down the barrier of the traditional brick and mortar branch, uGenius’ Video Banking products allow financial institutions to increase their ability to distribute products and services to the market. The uGenius software allows for management to observe and monitor the interactions between sales reps and customers in real-time and gather information that can be used to improve customer service. Trials of the technology are being conducted this year at select financial institutions worldwide.

All financial transactions conducted via the uGenius Online Video Banking interface are completely secure. In addition to authenticating the identity of each customer, uGenius also provides an encrypted transmission of all information as well as a two-way text chat for sending confidential information in a public setting.

uGenius has been deploying video banking kiosks at financial institutions since 2004 to help improve the efficiency of teller transactions and is now expanding their enterprise software to provide this personal video service through other banking channels. Earlier this year, uGenius released an in-branch video sales tool called the uGenius SmartOFFICE. Now with the release of uGenius Online Video Banking, the company is setting the standard in how financial institutions can service their customers.

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About uGenius Technology
uGenius Technology is revolutionizing access to banking services by creating personal, convenient, and efficient methods of servicing customers through the use of personal video transaction technologies. uGenius is the leading firm in providing comprehensive multi-channel video banking solutions to financial institutions. The primary product line is the uGenius Video Banking System which allows financial institutions to provide teller services remotely to customers by using video banking enabled devices. uGenius ( is based in Sandy, Utah.

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