Ultracs Corp secures first U.S. partnership with Minnesota’s MY CREDIT UNION

Ultracs Corp, a leading global provider of cutting-edge technology solutions for financial institutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with MY CREDIT UNION was signed in May 2023. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Ultracs Corp’s journey, as we extend our reach into the United States.

Under this strategic collaboration, Ultracs Corp is joining forces with MY CREDIT UNION, a prominent financial institution with a strong presence in Minnesota dating back to 1957 and currently serving over 24,000 members and holding approximately $380 million in assets.

MY CREDIT UNION conducted an extensive assessment of core banking solutions within the technology landscape and concluded that Ultracs Corp’s state-of-the-art banking solutions offer end-to-end capabilities that perfectly align with their strategic objectives. Ultracs Corp was selected as the ideal technology partner to support MY CREDIT UNION’s future growth and success. As a result of this collaboration, MY CREDIT UNION has on-boarded the entire Ultracs Ecosystem including Ultracs 5.4, Home Banking, Mobile Banking, Loan Origination, Document Storage Management, and much more.

“Ultracs Corp’s proven track record in the financial services industry around the world speaks volumes about their expertise. After reviewing the core banking landscape and current providers, we found the solutions they can provide via the Ultracs Ecosystem will give us a tremendous competitive advantage to grow our business and significantly reduce reliance on third parties to deliver the service our members require. The integrated Ultracs Ecosystem solution provides the tools to deepen our member relationships while leveraging workflows to gain productivity for our team. We are confident this partnership will pave the way for greater success and growth for both MY CREDIT UNION and our valued members,” said Greg Worthen the CEO / President of MY CREDIT UNION.

This comprehensive offering enables MY CREDIT UNION to have real-time capability with greater security and risk mitigation, improved customer engagement, on-point, and relevant marketing communications, and enhanced effectiveness and efficiency in
day-to-day operations and management.

At the heart of Ultracs Corp’s solution is the Ultracs core banking engine, purposely built for managing relationships with members. Ultracs core banking engine comprises everything you need to run your banking organization and also includes an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to enhance relationships, deliver exceptional service, and drive sales. The Ultracs solution also integrates seamlessly with all remote banking channels to deliver a unified digital banking experience for MY CREDIT UNION.

“We are very excited to work with Greg Worthen, CEO / President of MY CREDIT UNION, and the wider MY CREDIT UNION team to implement the Ultracs Corp Ecosystem. Through the selection process, it became very clear that MY CREDIT UNION was looking for a complete solution to deploy across their entire business that could simplify their operating model while positioning them strategically to extend their reach amongst the wider Minnesota community. With our integrated digital channels, including Home and Mobile Banking, combined with the built-in Sales and CRM capability MY CREDIT UNION is well positioned to provide exceptional member service and grow their business,” said Senior Ultracs Corp Vice President Peter Richards.

Naomi Castillo Mead, Vice President, Client & Relationships of Ultracs Corp is looking forward to growing and strengthening a long-term partnership with MY CREDIT UNION. Naomi stated, “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with MY CREDIT UNION, and we’re committed to assisting MY CREDIT UNION to continue to provide comprehensive financial services and improve their members’ experience.”

About Ultracs Corp

Ultracs Corp specializes in providing innovative solutions to banking and financial institutions. Ultracs Corp is part of an international organization with a long track record of delivering and constantly innovating outstanding core processing technology. Core processing forms the heart of the Ultracs Ecosystem, which includes a comprehensive range of solutions such as lending, digital platforms, cards, collections software, and fraud monitoring tools. With a solid foundation built on 45 years of global success, the Ultracs Ecosystem solutions are running live in over 100 sites, across multiple countries, making the platform the perfect fit to partner with credit unions of all sizes.  For more information, please visit


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