UMe Credit Union launches new website in partnership with PixelSpoke

PORTLAND, OR (February 10, 2022)UMe Credit Union and PixelSpoke are excited to announce the launch of UMe’s new website.

Based in Burbank, California UMe Credit Union was chartered by a group of Burbank Unified School District teachers in 1940. Today, UMe serves over 16,000 members. PixelSpoke is a marketing agency and worker-owned cooperative that specializes in web redesigns for credit unions.

From the outset of the project, PixelSpoke and UMe identified three primary goals for the website redesign: 1) Stand out from the crowd, 2) Be helpers not bankers, 3) Empower the UMe team.

With an energetic color palette, lively copy, and playful animations, UMe’s new website bodly differentiates itself from other credit union websites. Rather than relying on generic stock photos for visual interest, UMe’s website makes use of stylized icons and illustrations. The homepage proclaims, “Amazing rates, friendly service, and a bow-tie wearing purple emu. What’s not to love?” UMe’s purple emu mascot makes unexpected appearances throughout the site, popping up as visitors scroll down pages to add whimsy and delight to the user experience.

Financial institutions are typically not known for their sense of humor, but UMe strikes a delicate balance between taking its members’ financial health seriously while having some fun along the way. Its website copy is warm, relatable, and guaranteed to make you smile. UMe’s new Statement of Beliefs powerfully and succinctly conveys the credit union’s commitment to empowering its members and developing authentic relationships. In fact, “U + Me” is embedded in its very name. The website also includes helpful custom calculators, which automatically pull from current rates to assist members in estimating their loan payments, and a Glossary of Banking Terms, which demystifies the language of finance by defining hundreds of words that are ubiquitous on financial websites but not necessarily understood by the public at large.

UMe’s new website is built using flexible WordPress templates that empower the UMe marketing team to update rates, product pages, photos, community news, and other information as needed. UMe looks forward to continuing to evolve the website and inspiring its members to say, “WOW!”

About PixelSpoke

PixelSpoke is a digital marketing agency that works with credit unions to create beautiful, easy-to-use, award-winning websites. As a B Corp and worker-owned cooperative, PixelSpoke believes that business can, and should be, a force for good. Drawing from our expertise in the credit union industry, UX and design best practices, and digital marketing trends, we're committed to doing great work and building Everybody Wins relationships that inspire and effect positive change. To learn more, visit


Kerala Taylor
Senior Manager of Content & Marketing and Co-Owner

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