Underground collision of the minds: shift happens celebrated benefits of diversity and empathy on international credit union day

Mitchell, Stankovic & associates’ vulnerable collaboration sparks ideas for CU relevance

BOULDER CITY, NV (October 23, 2020) — From around the globe to likely your backyard, the Underground Collision of the Minds: Shift Happens, powered by Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates, gathered thought leaders on topics ranging from ‘Inspiring Hope for a Global Community’ to warp-speed technology to cannabis banking for a highly interactive exchange.

“If ever there were a year for credit unions to go Underground and issues bubble up to the surface to spark Ideas into Action, it’s now,” MSA CEO Sue Mitchell, founder of the Underground Community, said. “Every single person has experienced life disruption, from health to finances to job security. Some have lost their homes, critical nourishment – body and soul – and, unfortunately, their loved ones.”

One attendee couldn’t wait until it was over to applaud the Underground efforts. “I know you’re on live right now, but I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying it!” Upward CU CEO Linda White said. “I love the conversations and videos. You, Sue, are and have been an amazing mentor – that  person that is always there to support and push.” View the recording here!

And Mitchell continues to push the credit union community to be a foundational piece of the solutions for modern issues, one credit union, one member at a time. The Ideas into Action items from the Collision included:

  1. Ensure your credit union’s operating budget is appropriately aligned for technological investment and establish a culture that supports a mindset toward digital transformation
  2. Development of solutions must be diverse and inclusive to ensure the outcome is an actual solution. Be curious and learn from others different from yourself with intentional DEI efforts and a global perspective. DEI is critical at all levels. Seek out your own bias, allow yourself to be educated. Evolve employee resource groups into business resource groups. Join and support #CUPride via Facebook Group.
  3. Provide holistic financial coaching and remove stigma of financial shame. End generational poverty, one person at a time.
  4. Measure goodwill to ensure credit unions’ federal tax exemption and to better communicate the value of a cooperative. Metrics are important to show economic and social impact.
  5. Study serving cannabis businesses and their employees to keep communities safe and illicit proceeds out of the banking system. Increase your income by serving others.The goal of the Underground Collisions is to select critical topics, drive authentic conversations and ignite passion and action in credit unions to thrive forward. “When SHIFT HAPPENS, most people step away, but not credit union people,” Mitchell concluded. “We step in! Credit unions are dedicated to financial democracy and are fighting for all of us!”The Underground Collision is made possible by the generous sponsorship of credit union business partners, including CO-OP Financial Solutions, CUNA Mutual Group, PSCU, Ser Tech, Alkami, BALANCE and the World Council.

About The Underground Community

The Underground Community, founded by Susan Mitchell of Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates, is an authentic voice of the credit union movement facilitated by industry thought leaders. We drive change, encourage diverse opinions, and force off-record discussions to become on-record initiatives. The hundreds of Underground Colliders believe through incremental, grassroots change, credit unions can put ideas into action and revolutionize core cooperative principles: people helping a diverse world of people come together for a better life, individually and communally. Check Out More Underground Resources

Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates is a is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the credit union industry to increase consumer impact, market relevance and modernize business practices from board governance to CEO and leadership transitions. We are trusted advisers and industry thought leaders who believe that making a difference is our highest priority demonstrated by our long-term relationships and stellar reputation


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