UNIFY gains 20% call production with AKUVO’s Aperture

MALVERN, PA (June 28, 2023) — One year after going live on AKUVO’s Aperture collections platform, the $4.2B UNIFY Financial Credit Union has reported significant improvements in efficiency and performance.

Outbound collection calls are faster thanks to Aperture’s playbook design, reported UNIFY’s AVP of Collections Xavier Carrillo, resulting in an outbound call production increase of 20%. AKUVO’s solution harnesses data-driven intelligence to empower collectors by providing the information they need to engage in an informed and effective way, leading to better outcomes. Aperture surfaces key details like best time to call, best contact method and best next steps to ensure maximum recoveries.

“Aperture’s playbook automation allows front-end collectors to focus on making calls, rather than researching the account to understand and determine the next step,” Carrillo said.

UNIFY also credited Aperture’s superior case management tools with improved specialty process efficiency. AKUVO’s technology provides easy categorization and tracking of different case types. The added ability to tag cases enhances organization and facilitates a streamlined approach to handle diverse collections scenarios. The platform identifies bankruptcy more precisely, improves loan modification and deferment request tracking, improves the deceased borrower process, and more.

“Cases and tags have been a big game changer,” Carrillo continued. “For example, what used to be a five-day deferment process has been condensed to one day.”

Aperture supports management as well as front line performers, enabling UNIFY’s team leaders to better supervise and coach individual collectors, measure individual and team progress toward goals, and allow the executive team to measure Aperture’s success and return on investment.

“The AKUVO team has done a superb job of developing Aperture into a powerful platform. It is helping credit unions produce better outcomes and maintain member loyalty – ultimately creating raving fans like UNIFY,” said Mike Ruggiero, AKUVO’s SVP of Relationship Management. “We look forward to continuing to embrace new technology and striving to improve Aperture to benefit our customers.”


AKUVO is a leading provider of cloud-native collections software solutions that elevate how banks, credit unions, and fintechs collect and manage their portfolios via its products. Whether it is through their stand-alone virtual collector, or its next-generation collections platform, AKUVO provides the technology and data necessary to increase collections efficiency, provide a digital consumer experience, reduce staff costs, anticipate delinquencies, and provide insight into future credit decisions. AKUVO delivers a digital future for collections and account performance management with a visionary, behavior-based approach while taking full advantage of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning. To learn more, visit


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