United Solutions Company produces training portal to include core data processing

National credit union technology leader partners with training portal to offer core data processing training and other soft skills to enhance training at credit unions

TALLAHASSEE, FL (October 10, 2022) — United Solutions Company (USC) created a Learning Management System (LMS) to help credit unions with new employee onboarding and ongoing employee training. Our unique product offers the ability to upload and manage
your own content, while tracking your employees’ results. With the gamification the product offers a credit union can be confident that lifelong skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, social awareness, cooperation, and collaboration will be instilled in their employees. The product is cost effective, flexible, offers a better way for
employees to concentrate and repeated exposure to ensure policy and procedures are upheld.

United Solutions CEO, Jim Giacobbe, said, “Our new LMS was created to help credit unions as they began to add staff lost from COVID and the great resignation. We created our own content for the core systems and plan to add content for Wisdom General Ledger, LynxGate, and other system that interact with the core. I have been encouraging our clients to include the training charts and graphs in their monthly board reports to demonstrate their commitment to learning.”

Founded in 1983, USC serves as the technology center for approximately 100 credit unions across the U.S., while also providing innovation leadership and other services to many other financial institutions. With credit union services ranging from core data processing and email hosting to network services and business analytics, United
Solutions offers end-to-end technology packages. As part of this new offering, credit unions will be able to receive in depth training on the core systems USC offers, accounting module, OnCore Suite, and much more.

About United Solutions Company

United Solutions Company is a Credit Union Services Organization (CUSO) and Application Service Provider (ASP) founded in 1983 with headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida. United Solutions provides a comprehensive menu of products and services to credit unions and other businesses all over the country. From core data processing and check 21 services, to collections and network management, our exceptional services and commitment to innovation is what truly sets us apart. Visit for more information.


Jim Giacobbe, President and CEO
(850) 942-9186

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