Upper Dublin High School students get a lesson in budgeting

FORT WASHINGTON, PA (December 12, 2019) — A student in the junior class at Upper Dublin High School commented “I am swimming in debt,” after she and more than 300 of her classmates participated in a Financial Reality Fair sponsored by TruMark Financial® Credit Union on Dec. 11. She quickly realized she had to adjust some of her choices if she wanted to have money left over at the end of the month.

Students received a budget worksheet with a career and salary as they traveled through the fair. They had to make their salaries stretch as they secured housing, transportation, insurance, food and other basic needs.

Just like in real life, unexpected situations occur. As part of the exercise, students spun the Wheel of Reality which represented the unknown. A spin of the wheel could bring good fortune such as a holiday cash gift or bad fortune such as unforeseen car repairs.

After students visited 14 booths, they met with a financial counselor who reviewed their budget worksheets, checked their calculations, and provided guidance if students needed to make changes to meet their expenses. These changes might include eliminating a purchase or getting a part-time job.

Members from the Fort Washington Business Alliance and the community, parents, and TruMark Financial employees manned the booths and guided students as they learned about credit scores and how to manage monthly payments. Students left with a better understanding of what budgeting and the choices needed to manage money responsibly.

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