US Credit Union Industry to Grow 3.1 Percent Annually by 2017

In Celebration of International Credit Union Day, IBISWorld Discusses the Industry’s Outlook

(Los Angeles) October 18, 2012 – Today is International Credit Union Day, but what does the credit union industry have to celebrate? According to the latest report from industry research firm IBISWorld, US credit union industry profitability is expected to increase and revenue is set to continue on a steady, upward trajectory of 3.1 percent per year on average to $54.2 billion in the next five years, even though the number of credit unions in the United States will actually decline.

“Industry revenue returned to growth in 2010 and 2011 on the back of a stabilizing economy and a larger customer base due to loosening member requirements,” explained IBISWorld Credit Union Industry Analyst Eben Jose. “These trends are expected to continue this year, with US-specific revenue rising an estimated 4.8 percent to $46.5 billion, and grow through 2017.”

While future growth is expected, the industry landscape will be different than it was during the past five years as profitability improves and consolidation changes the structure of the industry and its participants. The number of credit unions in the United States is forecast to fall at an average annual rate of 1.6 percent to 6,599 by 2017 as establishments look to cut costs and take advantage of economies of scale.

“As the industry consolidates, it will be better able to compete with other lending institutions, such as commercial banks, savings banks and other nonbank lenders, which can offer greater access and a wider selection of services due to their size,” said Jose. “Even as competition intensifies, credit unions are better suited to offer lower interest rates, due to their nonprofit status and dedication to providing strong customer service. As a result, membership is expected to continue climbing to record levels.”

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