US Payments Forum releases guidelines for contactless ATM transactions

Resource addresses NFC-enabled mobile wallet and contactless-enabled chip card payment acceptance at the ATM

PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ (December 19, 2018) — With more than 85 percent of U.S. ATMs now accepting EMV contact chip cards[1], many ATM owners are looking to make transactions easier and faster by adding contactless EMV chip capabilities. The U.S. Payments Forum today released a new white paper for ATM owners and operators that provides guidance on accepting contactless chip transactions at the ATM.

“Guidelines for Contactless ATM Transactions – A Guide for ATM Owners and Operators,” developed by the ATM Working Committee, can be downloaded at

“Consumers are getting used to making fast contactless payments at merchant locations across the U.S.; the ATM is the next logical segment to go contactless. It’s important that ATM providers, acquirers, processors, and vendors understand the requirements and full process when it comes to implementation,” said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the U.S. Payments Forum. “This white paper explains the differences between contact and contactless chip transactions and provides guidelines on the hardware, software and network requirements to accept contactless payments at the ATM.”

The contactless ATM guide focuses on contactless transactions completed with Near-Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile wallets and contactless-enabled chip cards and is meant to serve as a starting point for contactless implementation. The guide includes:

  • The basics of contactless concepts
  • ATM contactless requirements – both software and hardware
  • Certification, testing and approvals requirements to support contactless transactions
  • The contactless ATM transaction process

ATM owners and operators that have questions about contactless implementation or otherwise want to have a voice in the migration to new payment technologies in the U.S. should consider becoming a member of the U.S. Payments Forum, joining the ATM Working Committee and attending the next meeting.

The next All-Member Meeting will be held March 11-13, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ in conjunction with the 12th Annual Payments Summit, held March 12-14. Registration and additional information is available at

About U.S. Payments Forum

The U.S. Payments Forum is a cross-industry body that brings stakeholders together on neutral ground to enable efficient, timely and effective implementation of emerging and existing payment technologies. This is achieved through education, guidance and alternative paths to adoption. The Forum is the only non-profit organization whose membership includes the whole payments ecosystem, ensuring that all stakeholders have the opportunity to coordinate, cooperate on and have a voice in the future of the U.S. payments industry. The organization operates within the Secure Technology Alliance, an association that encompasses all aspects of secure digital technologies.


Sherlyn Rijos-Altman
Montner Tech PR

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