USE Credit Union unveils new name, BluPeak Credit Union, to reflect their broad and diverse membership and commitment to being a top employer

The $1.2 billion credit union's new name represents a high-quality banking option that is more inclusive of everyone within their field of membership.

SAN DIEGO, CA (November 3, 2022) — USE Credit Union (USECU) publicly unveils its new name today: BluPeak Credit Union. The new name better represents the broad and diverse communities it serves, to empower more people to achieve peak financial wellness in its five-county field of membership.

Our decision to rename as BluPeak is to showcase that our high-quality banking option is available to all Californians who live, work or worship in AlamedaSacramentoSan DiegoSanta Clara or Yolo counties, as well as those employed by the state of California, and California university employees and students.

“In today’s world, the relationship and experience a member has with its credit union plays a vital role in the brand,” said Amber Fielder, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at BluPeak Credit Union. “The USE name, which stood for University & State Employees, could imply those are the only Californians we help, when in fact our membership is open to them along with other Californians where we hold community charters.”

In addition to the new name, the credit union also has a new logo and updated messaging to align with its growing membership. The branding and imagery better embody the credit union’s Californian roots and gives a special nod to the majestic ocean and mountains that make up California’s unique landscape.

“We put our values under a microscope and found we needed to take a more intentional approach with our branding to reflect and represent our desire and ability to go above and beyond other financial institutions when it comes to being there for our members and our employees,” said Todd Tharp, President and Chief Executive Officer at BluPeak Credit Union. “The new name aligns with our mission to serve and uplift our neighborhoods, and the organization’s ambition to be a leader in the financial-technology industry.”

In conjunction with the name change, the credit union is also rolling out several enhanced employee benefits. Back in August of this year, the senior leadership team announced a Temporary Inflation Offset for 85% of its employees, excluding only those in the top 15% of compensation. For six pay periods, eligible employees are receiving an additional $250 per pay period, on top of their base pay, to help ease the impact of the volatile economic environment.

Recognizing the temporary increase would not fix the underlying issues, the credit union also announced an updated medical benefit structure for 2023. All individual employees would be fully covered for medical insurance, and employees with spouse and family medical plans would see a decrease in benefit costs of $235 per month.

From the beginning to the present, BluPeak has been dedicated to positive change in numerous ways. So far in 2022, we’ve:

  • Helped Californians green-up their homes with low-cost renewable energy loans;
  • Been a significant provider of mortgage loans, which has helped Californians buy a home in one of the most expensive states; and
  • Made large donations to causes directly impacting our communities.

“We take great pride in our history — and we are going to build on that moving forward,” continued Tharp. “We are being intentional about incorporating our mission to the community, into our branding, to ensure tomorrow looks bright for our employees and members.”

About BluPeak Credit Union

Founded in 1936, BluPeak Credit Union empowers its nearly 60,000 members to achieve financial wellness through a full range of financial products and services, including checking and savings options, credit cards, loans, mortgages and more. BluPeak has more than $1.2 billion in assets and members can access their accounts through six California branches, nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, and 24/7 online and mobile banking. BluPeak membership is open to all Californians who live, work or worship in AlamedaSacramentoSan DiegoSanta Clara and Yolo counties, as well as those employed by the state of California, and California university employees and students. Formerly known as University & State Employees Credit Union (USECU), we changed our name to BluPeak in 2022. The new name reflects our California roots, is more inclusive to our field of membership, and better conveys our passion for going above all others in our relationships with members. As a community leader, BluPeak partners with local causes, events and organizations that speak to our commitment to health, wellness and inclusiveness. Learn more at


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