USPS awards DATAMATX Full Service Platinum Certification

The Atlanta-based company is the first mail service provider to successfully qualify for highest level of certification from USPS

ATLANTA, GA (February 9, 2015)  DATAMATX, a national outsourcing provider and leader in the distribution of critical business communications and payment services, has been awarded Full Service Platinum Certification from the United States Postal Service. DATAMATX is the first mail service provider to achieve this designation. Platinum Certification recognizes the fact that DATAMATX consistently provides a comprehensive spectrum of fully automated mailing services for its customers, ensuring them timely, accurate mail delivery at the most beneficial postal rates.  The USPS today employs sophisticated technology and procedures, and Full Service Platinum Certification emphasizes the fact that DATAMATX is working diligently to keep pace with new developments and streamlined procedures to take full advantage of the very best USPS has to offer to volume mailers.

The USPS certification program offers both Standard and Platinum/Premium levels for business mailers, and it covers a range of subjects, including the use of automation, employee training, appropriate document and record management, and communication with USPS to remain up-to-date on any changes in service offerings and recommended best practices. Achieving Full Service Platinum status requires careful documentation and verification of every aspect of a company’s mail processing operations, including:

  • Maintaining  established USPS full-service quality thresholds;
  • Develop and maintain tightly controlled quality processes;
  • Performing and passing regular internal audit;
  • Passing an external audit;
  • Submitting external audit results for USPS review

“At DATAMATX we work hard to stay on top of new technologies and new developments in order to give our clients the best service possible at the best postal rates,” said Harry Stephens, CEO/President and founder of DATAMATX. “We’re proud to be the first in our industry to receive Full Service Platinum Certification, and will continue to ensure we always keep ahead of the curve.”

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, DATAMATX is one of the nation’s largest privately held, full-service providers of first-class print, mail, and electronic document distribution. With redundant processing facilities located in Atlanta, Phoenix, and Richmond, Va., DATAMATX processes and distributes over 400,000 business-critical documents daily for over 200 national corporate customers.

DATAMATX offers additional services including document personalization, redesign and composition, Internet application solutions, online archiving, and EBPP solutions. For more information, visit

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