CUTEK develops stimulus exception program, allowing members to fund more immediate needs

BOERNE, TX (June 3, 2020)CUTEK, a nationwide provider of IT products/services for credit unions, has created a Stimulus Exception Program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the industry today.

Here’s the current scenario that’s happening to consumers nationwide: For members who have a negative balance in their accounts, an incoming ACH with stimulus dollars may bring their accounts current. But many of those members may need those funds immediately to put food on the table, pay for a household repair, get new tires on the car, or make a loan payment current.

“With our Stimulus Exception Program, we can redirect funds from checking to savings systematically with a batch program that processes through a credit union’s ACH Posting Journal before the funds drop,” explains CUTEK Vice President of Sales and Client Relations Dawn Murray.

Here’s how it works: After items post, like normal tax payments, the number of exceptions is generally very high. The Stimulus Exception Program processes exceptions to identify closed accounts or changed account numbers, redirecting the funds to the same owner at the new location. If the funds are truly undeliverable, the program can credit those funds to a credit union DDA and produce a report for teams to work (contacting members who may have closed accounts), allowing the credit union a chance to reestablish the relationship and get them the funds they need right away.

“Our Stimulus Exception Program provides the answers to a very timely issue with today’s stimulus checks,” says Murray. “We quickly jumped into action to create this program that would help credit unions reallocate these funds for a more immediate and practical use – which adds a ton of value for the member.”

Dawn Murray


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