Ventura County Credit Union earns dementia-friendly certification

Local credit union recognized as a dementia-friendly business.

VENTURA, CA (April 25, 2019)Ventura County Credit Union (VCCU), a not-for-profit financial institution, is now officially a dementia-friendly business. This certification means VCCU understands how to recognize the signs of dementia and has implemented measures to create a safe and respectful environment that accommodates the unique needs of those with dementia.

As a dementia-friendly credit union, VCCU trains each of its employees on how to identify the signs of dementia and how to interact with those who may have dementia. For example, VCCU team members are encouraged to speak clearly, listen closely, smile warmly, make eye contact, be patient, and watch carefully for signs of confusion or distress.

In addition, the credit union has adapted its practices to provide the best possible member service for those with dementia. For instance, in some cases, members with dementia-related symptoms are more comfortable with certain employees who are familiar to them. Whenever possible, VCCU accommodates this by making sure the preferred staff can be available to assist the member.

VCCU also ensures that all in-branch directional signage is clear and that entrances are well-lit and clearly visible. Additionally, the credit union provides quiet areas that offer a calm enivornment for anyone who is feeling anxious or confused.

“One in nine people over the age of 65 has Alzheimer’s or similar dementia-related symptoms,” said VCCU’s CEO, Joe Schroeder. “For these individuals, financial tasks can often become more challenging. At VCCU, we see it as our responsibility to be as accommodating and supportive as we can for those with dementia, as well as for the friends, loved ones and caregivers who may be lending them a helping hand.”

VCCU’s efforts are part of the larger dementia-friendly Ventura County movement, a county-wide effort to spread awarenesss and understanding of dementia and create a community that is safe and supportive for those affected by dementia. As part of the movement, VCCU is committed to helping educate the community on what dementia is, how it affects people, and how businesses and individuals can support those who are touched by it.

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