The Veridian Group invests in Data Analytics CUSO, OnApproach

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (June 8, 2017) — OnApproach (, the leading provider of Big Data and Analytics for credit unions, is excited to announce The Veridian Group, Inc., a wholly owned CUSO of Veridian Credit Union (Waterloo, IA), has invested in OnApproach, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO).

“Our mission at The Veridian Group is tobetter serve members by utilizing innovative and effective technologies and services. Data analytics is proving itself to be a necessity for credit unions to improve how we use our member data in a predictive way while maintaining control of our data at the same time. We are happy to have this opportunity to support OnApproach in their efforts to revolutionize the credit union industry by delivering a big data & analytics platform that will foster communities of users and application developers focused on enabling digital transformation. We are looking forward to seeing the future we collectivelyhelp to create for the industry”, said Nick Evens, President of TheVeridian Group, Inc.

“It is exciting to witness OnApproach’s vision for the future of the credit union industry unravel. Collaboration is necessary for credit unions of all sizes to compete on analytics and OnApproach provides the infrastructure required for credit unions to work together. The easier it is for credit unions to share their efforts and benefit from the successes of others, the brighter the movement’s future will be”, said Monte Berg, CEO, Veridian Credit Union.

As a CUSO, OnApproach is fully committed to providing credit unions with the most robust and affordable Big Data & Analytics solution. Paul Ablack, CEO, OnApproach, stated “We are excited to receive The Veridian Group’s support for the M360 Enterprisesolution and CU Analytics Platform. Our goal is to help all credit unions turn themselves into analytic competitors with deep insights in to ways to personally engage with an ever increasing mobile member base. Credit unions have tremendous opportunities ahead with data analytics, and The Veridian Group’s investment will help us to accelerate making these goals a new reality for more credit unions.”

About OnApproach

OnApproach is the only CUSO dedicated to credit union success through a collaborative analytics ecosystem. By providing a secure and frictionless data experience, OnApproach empowers credit unions to take full control of their own data and their own futures. We exist to serve the credit union movement with technology and expertise required for the digital transformation of the industry business model. OnApproach’s collaborative ecosystem enables communities of users, data scientists, and application developers focused on analytics innovation

About The Veridian Group

The Veridian Group, Inc. is the wholly owned CUSO of Veridian Credit Union. We look for new products and services, via a CUSO relationship, that will benefit credit union members and all credit unions.

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