Veteran CU journalists create new online technology resource

Three founders have nearly a century of CU tech experience

SAN DIEGO, CA (July 13, 2020)Finopotamus (, a new online resource providing technology coverage exclusively to credit unions, officially launched today. The digital publication combines a blog-like format with feature articles about today’s most important tech topics. Finopotamus is the joint creation of W.B. King (former tech reporter for Credit Union Journal), John San Filippo (co-founder of Credit Union Business), and Roy Urrico (former tech reporter for Credit Union Times).

“I have long respected John and Roy’s contributions to the credit union industry. After many years of covering the same beat, we are coming together as a team with the shared goal of providing forward-leaning tech news and information,” said King.

“All three of us have a passion for credit union technology,” said San Filippo. “With our vast experience, we truly believe we can fill a significant void that currently exists in tech coverage for credit unions.” He added that Finopotamus will cover relevant topics from both inside and beyond the credit union industry.

“Given the ever-evolving state of financial technology and its impact, it is important to provide the insight and relevance to credit unions we longtime observers of the credit union industry can provide,” said Urrico.

About Finopotamus

Finopotamus is an online publication created by industry veterans W.B. King, John San Filippo, and Roy Urrico to bring credit unions technology news and information that they will not find elsewhere. The publication looks at technology best practices across multiple industries to bring credit unions the broadest range of relevant information. The publication’s tagline is Fintech News for Hungry CUs. Visit Finopotamus at


W.B. King

John San Filippo

Roy Urrico

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