Virginia Credit Union League endorses 11 incumbents for seats in House of Delegates

House Candidates Earn Endorsements Owed to Strong Support of Member-Owned, Not-for-Profit Credit Unions

LYNCHBURG, VA (September 20, 2013) — The Virginia Credit Union League, the state trade association for the Commonwealth’s 172 member-owned credit unions, today announced its endorsement of 11 candidates seeking seats in the Virginia House of Delegates.

The League is the leading advocate for the state’s credit unions and offers a wide range of products and services that support credit unions in their mission to serve member-owners.

The League announced endorsements for the following candidates, all incumbents:

  •     Del. Richard L. “Rich” Anderson (R-51st), Woodbridge;
  •     Del. Kathy Byron (R-22nd), Lynchburg;
  •     Del. Barbara Comstock (R-34th), McLean;
  •     Del. Timothy D. Hugo (R-40th), Centreville;
  •     Del. Danny Marshall (R-14th), Danville;
  •     Del. Jackson Miller (R-50th), Manassas;
  •     Del. Thomas D. Rust (R-86th), Herndon;
  •     Del. Ron Villanueva (R-21st), Virginia Beach;
  •     Del. Michael Watson (R-93rd), Williamsburg;
  •     Del. David E. Yancey (R-94th), Newport News; and
  •     Del. Joseph Yost (R-12th), Blacksburg.

“Each of these lawmakers has been a friend to member-owned credit unions, including some who have introduced or co-sponsored legislation on our behalf,” said Rick Pillow, president of the Virginia Credit Union League. “These lawmakers understand how their actions on legislation affect the ability of Virginia’s credit unions to continue to provide affordable financial services to working families across the Commonwealth.”

The Virginia General Assembly each year considers dozens of pieces of legislation that have the potential to impact the operations of member-owned credit unions. The Virginia Credit Union League lobbies lawmakers on behalf of credit unions and works to educate policymakers about the issues of greatest importance to credit unions and their member-owners.

About Virginia’s Credit Union System
Virginia-based credit unions serve 8 million members worldwide, including some 3 million within the Commonwealth, and hold more than $96.5 billion in combined assets, roughly 9 percent of all the assets held by the U.S. credit union movement. As of June 30, 2013, Virginia-based credit unions held $65.9 billion in loans, more than 10 percent of all the loans held by the nation’s 6,800 credit unions.

About the Virginia Credit Union League
The Virginia Credit Union League is the state trade association for the Commonwealth’s 172 member-owned, not-for-profit credit unions. For almost 80 years, the League has provided training and education services, lobbied lawmakers on behalf of credit unions, and served as an information and operations resource. For more information about the League, visit

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