Vizo Financial partners with DefenseStorm to offer dynamic credit union cybersecurity solution

GREENSBORO, NC (November 8, 2022) — Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union has teamed up with DefenseStorm, a top provider of cybersecurity solutions specifically for financial institutions, to give credit unions a suite of cybersecurity services to protect their networks and information in an increasingly virtual world.

“The amount and scale of attacks we’re seeing within our industry is growing exponentially, meaning that cybersecurity is no longer a luxury for credit unions – it’s a necessity and it must be treated as a priority,” said Lori Gall, chief risk officer for Vizo Financial. “Not only does our strategic alliance with DefenseStorm create opportunities for institutions to enhance their cybersecurity posture, but it also comes with the added benefit of a dedicated team that knows exactly how financial fraud, compliance and security operate, giving credit unions an edge over potential threats.”

DefenseStorm provides solutions in three areas of cyber risk management: security, compliance and fraud. GRID, their intelligent data engine, unites the CyberSecurity, CyberCompliance and CyberFraud products together in a single platform that automates collection, tracking and storing of data, all while taking into account a credit union’s security policies and framework, as well as regulatory requirements. DefenseStorm offers a co-managed approach to monitor, investigate and respond to any possible risks using their Threat Ready Active Compliance (TRAC) team of highly trained professionals with deep cybersecurity and financial institution experience.

“DefenseStorm is thrilled to be Vizo’s partner in cybersecurity, enabling its credit union partners to achieve real-time cyber risk readiness ,” said Steve Soukup, CEO of DefenseStorm. “Our platform and services are specifically built for credit unions, accounting for all the unique challenges, regulations, and technology requirements they face as a financial institution. We’re their ally, working to help them get ahead of risk and threat actors. It includes sharing insight and experiences through our broader cybersecurity community of trust.”

“Cybersecurity involves a lot of resources – time, money, manpower – which are not always things credit unions readily have to give,” said Gall. “We went into this partnership knowing that those resources would be part of the whole package with services that protect, experts that understand the cybersecurity landscape and discounts that provide some financial relief to credit unions.”

For more information on cybersecurity services through Vizo Financial and DefenseStorm, please visit or contact (800) 622-7494.

About Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union

Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union’s goal is to drive credit union success through proven EXCELLENCE, unmatched EXPERTISE and engaged PARTNERSHIPS. It is a state-chartered corporate credit union that serves CUSOs, leagues, chapters and more than 1,100 credit unions in the U.S. and Canada. Vizo Financial is part owner of the consortium, Aptys Solutions, LLC. Vizo Financial provides money management, payments and core processing services for credit unions. For more information, please visit

About DefenseStorm
DefenseStorm provides cybersecurity, compliance and fraud solutions specifically built for banking to achieve and maintain cyber risk readiness. The DefenseStorm GRID is the only co-managed, cloud-based and compliance-automated solution of its kind, operating as a technology system and as a service supported by experts in FI security and compliance. It watches everything on a bank or credit union’s network and matches it to defined policies for real time, complete and proactive cyber exposure readiness, keeping security and fraud teams smart and executives accountable. Go to for more information.


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