VyStar CU signs with Open Lending

AUSTIN, TX (November 13, 2019) — Open Lending has welcomed the $9 billion VyStar Credit Union of Jacksonville, Fla., one of the nation’s largest and most innovative credit unions, to its client list.

“VyStar’s mission is to bring credit union services to more consumers, ” VyStar CU Chief Lending Officer Jenny Vipperman explained. “We work to deepen our relationship with all members and believe that an insured auto lending program will help us achieve this objective.” Joining VyStar’s senior leadership team in 2017 as an industry veteran, Vipperman was looking for a sound method to provide a deeper analytic process beyond credit score to loan money. “Having been a previous client with Open Lending and its Lenders Protection program, this is a great match for VyStar,” she further explained.

Open Lending harnesses the power of data to better predict loan performance, and it’s backed by Open Lending’s flagship product, Lenders Protection, which provides default insurance, so credit union leaders can feel greater confidence and security – for the credit union, its members and its regulators – in making loans to members with lower credit scores. Lenders Protection allows credit unions to reach more members with the goal of helping them rehabilitate their credit while generating higher yields on the loans credit unions make and lifelong loyalty from the members they assist.

“We’re very pleased to have VyStar Credit Union sign on with Open Lending,” Open Lending CEO John Flynn said. “It’s a great credit union with a pure credit union mission: to serve more consumers. But lenders cannot always do this on their own. We’re proud VyStar has placed its trust in us to say ‘yes’ to more car loan applications it’s already receiving.”

Vipperman added, “We also want to use Open Lending to reach more members who may not be applying with us because they may have been turned down before. Open Lending is an attractive alternative for us. The deep analytic process used by Open Lending, plus the insurance, makes it the right process to use for members who may not otherwise qualify for a loan.”

“We’re excited about this opportunity for our members to receive the funding for the things they want and need for themselves and family,” Vipperman concluded.

John Flynn.

About Open Lending

Open Lending (NASDAQ: LPRO) provides loan analytics, risk-based pricing, risk modeling, and default insurance to auto lenders throughout the United States. For over 20 years we have been empowering financial institutions to create profitable auto loan portfolios with less risk and more reward. For more information, please visit

About VyStar Credit Union

VyStar Credit Union is the 16 th largest credit union in the nation and the largest credit union headquartered in Northeast Florida. VyStar serves over 675,000 members, with assets totaling more than $9 billion. They are currently the largest mortgage lender in Northeast Florida and the largest new and used auto lender for the northern half of Florida. VyStar membership is open to everyone who lives or works in the 49 contiguous counties of Central to North Florida and the Southeast Georgia Counties of Camden, Charlton, Glynn and Ware.


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