Weber Marketing Group changes name to Strum

30-year-old agency evolves as the preeminent branding, data analytics and strategy leader for banks and credit unions

SEATTLE, WA (March 11, 2019) — Weber Marketing Group, a 30-year nationwide leader in financial services branding, data-driven strategy and analytics announced its name change to Strum.Along with adopting a new name, the agency, with offices in Seattle, Boston and Atlanta will announce a new set of innovative product offerings in the coming weeks.

“We lived our first 30 years as Weber Marketing Group. We helped lead a branding revolution for credit unions and community banks to grow and compete at the highest level. It was time for us to take stock of our own brand future. We are so much more than a marketing group,” said Mark Weber, founder, who remains the agency’s CEO and Chairman. “We are analysts and strategists, innovators and storytellers, who perform together to help clients solve complex brand and growth challenges to amplify their results.”

The agency’s 2018 acquisition of Boston-based BancTrac Solutions expanded its innovative data analytics expertise, ROI analysis and trigger marketing software capabilities. These tools enhance one-to-one user experiences and personalization to increase growth results, profits and brand distinction for some of the nation’s leading financial institutions.

While Strum’s core focus remains strongly rooted in helping credit unions and community banks grow market share and build brand distinction, Strum continues to work with emerging tech companies, especially in fintech and machine learning/AI innovations.

“The name change reflects our future as a relevant and adaptable agency built to help our clients evolve and transform their digital, analytics and brand focus for growth,” says Ben Stangland, Strum’s President and COO. “We see this change as an opportunity to energize our brand with fresh ideas, new tools and approaches that elevate our core competencies as we continue to innovate and help our clients compete to win in a dynamic marketplace.”

About Strum

Strum is one of the nations’ leading financial services strategic branding, consulting and business intelligence firms. With offices in Seattle, Boston and Atlanta, the agency has deep brand, digital marketing and innovation insights working with leading firms to evolve and enhance their performance and growth results. More information is available at


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