Weight Watchers vs. Jenny Craig: Investigates Which Weight Loss Program is Best for Saving Money and Losing Weight

To help consumers kick off their New Year’s weight loss goals without breaking the bank, leading personal finance resource investigates popular paid weight loss programs, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, to determine which provides better savings.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, January 4, 2013 – With a new year ahead, many individuals are making the ever-popular New Year’s resolutions to save money and lose weight. For Americans who want help staying motivated and getting fit, paid weight loss programs can be attractive – but are they worth the cost? Leading personal finance resource Go Banking Rates investigates two of the most popular paid weight loss programs, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, to find which is most effective at helping members lose pounds while keeping more money in their savings bank account.

“Staying healthy, both physically and financially, are extremely important and admirable goals to set for 2013. Of course, we shouldn’t sacrifice one for the other, so if a person decides to use a paid service to lose weight, it really needs to be affordable, too,” explain Go Banking Rates managing editor, Casey Bond.

Consumers considering these popular weight loss plans may recognize them by their celebrity endorsers, namely Jessica Simpson for Weight Watchers and Kirstie Alley for Jenny Craig. As a celebrity who has publicly struggled with her weight, Alley lost up to 100 pounds as a Jenny Craig spokesperson, according to a September 2012 article on

In a September 2012 press release from Weight Watchers, Simpson said, “This time I’m going to adopt healthy habits that can last a lifetime.” Simpson added, “The eye-opener for me is that I’m losing weight without feeling deprived.” Additionally, in a new Weight Watchers commercial that aired on December 31, 2012, Simpson claims Weight Watchers helped her lose 50 pounds after having her first daughter in May 2012.

Comparing Weight Watchers & Jenny Craig

While these two spokeswomen may have found success with Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, they are actually making money using the program – not spending money, as everyday members are. Go Banking Rates compared the two paid weight loss programs to discover which offered effective weight loss solutions, while providing greater savings.

Weight Watchers

The main components of the Weight Watchers system are the POINT system, which guides food and diet choices, and the support of a network, either through attending local meetings or through the online program, Weight Watchers Online.

The Cost: Depending on different program options, weight-loss hopefuls can become Weight Watchers members for $18.95 to $42.95 a month. On the basic end, the program gives members access to information and recipes for the POINTS system, while those who pay more can attend local weekly support meetings.

Jenny Craig

This paid weight loss program takes a different approach by offering prepackaged and per-portioned meals intended to help those attempting to lose weight to start by getting used to healthier foods and portions.

The Cost: Club membership can cost anywhere from $36.00 for an 8-week program up to $488 per year, depending on which options members choose, according to a price sheet on Food provided by Jenny Craig is priced separately, and costs will vary depending on items selected.

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