Westview Middle School and A+FCU partner to improve financial literacy with Mad City Money, an interactive financial simulation

AUSTIN, TX (May 8, 2015) —  Westview Middle School and A+ Federal Credit Union (A+FCU) teamed up to introduce budgeting and money management skills to 280 eighth grade students during a simulation called Mad City Money, which empowered students to make financial choices. The event took place at Westview’s campus.

During the 31⁄2 -hour simulation, the students were transported to the future where they experienced “real life” scenarios and the financial impact that goes with getting a job, having kids, buying a house and a car, shopping for groceries and clothing, paying for daycare, and learning about wants vs. needs.

“The Westview Middle School Mad City Money event, held in partnership with A+ FCU, was a terrific opportunity for students to see the real world importance of money management,”

Pflugerville Superintendent of Schools Dr. Alex Torrez said. “Some students made wise choices with their money and were able to build up their savings account. Other students got carried away with the excitement of purchasing beyond their budget, and found they didn’t have any money left over to purchase groceries. It was a positive learning experience for all our students, and we hope we can make this an annual event at Westview.”

“This experience is going to change my whole life now,” said Haley a Westview student. “I never thought it was going to be this hard, I now feel my mom’s pain of how much stuff cost, especially since she has three kids.”

Another student, Jonathan, added that by having a simulation instead of having someone just tell you the information was very helpful and, “you actually get to experience it almost as if it is real money. You know what you have to spend for certain things, what you can get and what you can’t, and that you can’t get the best of everything – you have to budget! It was definitely a learning experience, because I know how to spend money now.”

“The Mad City Money program has come and gone now and in its wake has left our teachers with a better understanding of our kids’ financial literacy needs,” said Westview Middle School Principal Kermit Ward. “Most importantly it moved our students one step closer towards being prepared for the rigor of the real world.”

“We are encouraged by the students’ interaction with
the Mad City Money simulation and know that it helped them experience “real life” financial scenarios,” said A+FCU CEO Kerry A. S. Parker. “Providing area youth and adults the tools to make sound financial choices is fundamental to A+FCU.”

Over 100 volunteers including A+FCU employees, Westview Middle School teachers and staff, and Connally High School students participated as merchants and other helpers.

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