Winning the NBA Finals 2013 Championship Will Add $52,564 to LeBron James’ Net Worth According to New Investigation

The NBA Finals 2013 series starts tonight, as LeBron James confronts Spurs veterans for an encore championship win. To commemorate NBA finals season, personal finance site investigates the value of the prize money awarded to the winning team and uncovers how LeBron James’ net worth will be impacted if he scores another championship ring for a second straight season.

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 6, 2013) Millions of basketball fans around the world will tune in to game one of the NBA Finals 2013, airing tonight, June 6, 2013 to find out whether reigning MVP and NBA Champion LeBron James can hold on to his title for a second year. In a recent assessment of the highest-paid athletes in the U.S., Sports Illustrated declared James to be the second-highest earning athlete in 2013 with a net worth of over $56 million.

While the NBA Finals 2013 are a pivotal moment for players to claim bragging rights, it also presents choice prize winnings for the league’s leading team. In its latest investigation, GoBankingRates examines the NBA championship reward that’s on the line and reveals what kind of monetary bonus LeBron James can expect from winning a 2013 championship.

According to the NBA, the 2012 playoff pool was at $13 million, and according to the GoBankingRates report, it has remained the same for the 2013 NBA postseason.

The findings of the investigation expose the category breakdown of the pool, as follows:

  • Teams with best record in its conference: $328,078
  • Team with best record overall: $347,947
  • Teams participating in the first round: $194,016
  • Teams participating in the second round (Conference Semifinals): $230,853
  • Teams participating in third round (Conference Finals): $381,482
  • Winning team in NBA Finals: $2,302,232

Total Team NBA Championship Winnings: $3,784,608

Stacey Bumpus, contributing journalist of GoBankingRates says, “It’s hard to say what Lebron James’ salary will be in the 2013-2014 season, but he has argued that his monetary value to the NBA is worth far more than what he’s earning. In fact, he’s argued that his worth is more than the league’s current salary caps.”

Also included in the report is an assessment of the athlete’s endorsement deals, and how they contribute to James’ bottom line.

See the full report on LeBron James’ prospective net worth:

Note: The report’s calculation divides the total NBA Championship  reward funds  into 72 parts  (counting for Miami Heat’s players, coaches, and other executives) concluding that LeBron James’ estimated winnings are $52,564.

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