World Series Prompts Go Banking Rates to Examine the Five Biggest Money Mistakes of Famous Baseball Players

Now that the World Series is in full swing, viewers will be keeping a close eye on what players are doing both on and off the field. In its ongoing mission to improve financial literacy in the U.S., personal finance website exposes the past money meltdowns of major MLB names and what readers can learn from their mistakes.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, October 28, 2012 – It’s World Series time again, and as sports-lovers look forward to all the best things that make our National Pastime so great like the crack of a bat against ball and the roar of the crowd, Go Banking Rates is using this opportunity to promote financial literacy among today’s Americans and examine the five biggest money mistakes made by professional baseball players in its latest feature.

Major League Baseball is one of the biggest and most lucrative industries known to mankind. The average net worth of a pro baseball team in 2011 was $605 million, which marks a 16-percent increase from the playing season prior. Even so, Go Banking Rates finds that like many other professional athletes, pro baseball players are notorious for making poor financial decisions and falling on hard times once their baseball careers are over.

Though professional athletes are widely admired for their superhuman feats of sportsmanship and athletic ability, when it comes to personal finance, it’s a whole different ballgame. Go Banking Rates identifies five major MLB names that made headlines for striking out at saving and investing wisely:

1. Rollie Fingers

2. Jack Clark

3. Pete Rose

4. Lenny Dykstra

5. The Los Angeles Dodgers

By identifying what went wrong financially for these players despite their great success, Go Banking Rates readers can apply lessons learned to their own financial lives and make smarter decisions with their money.

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