Worldwide Foundation to continue bridging credit union gaps worldwide

Bridge the Gap campaign extended through 2022 to deepen system engagement and put resources toward credit union and member transformation

MADISON, WI (February 8, 2022) — Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions (WFCU) continues its work to champion and strengthen the global credit union movement by extending its Bridge the Gap campaign through 2022.

Encouraged by the success of the campaign in 2021, Worldwide Foundation is inviting credit unions and system partners to hear distinct voices from the international credit union movement through four initiatives that provide tangible examples of how people’s lives are being transformed by its work—and the work of World Council of Credit Unions.

WFCU seeks to raise a total of $2.1 million in 2022 through Bridge the Gap charitable contributions, event revenue, and fees gained from its Global Bridges engagement program.

Four voices depict the impact of WFCU’s four initiatives, each bridging one of the following gaps credit unions and their members face worldwide.

Inclusion Gap. Providing basic financial services to the underserved through credit unions. Donations to the Priority Fund support World Council’s International Projects, which are focused on expanding and sustaining credit unions locally and globally.

Safety Gap. Providing disaster relief through the Project Storm Break fund to credit unions as they respond to COVID-19 and recover from natural disasters.

Gender Gap. Leveraging Global Women’s Leadership Network’s (GWLN) passionate community of over 4,500 individuals from 150 Sister Societies across the globe who inspire and empower change in leadership growth and financial access.

Leadership Gap. Channeling the energy of World Council Young Credit Union Professionals’ (WYCUP) program, we intentionally share and develop strategies that put young people in positions of leadership to effect change and advance engagement in credit unions and their communities.

Advancing Global Bridges

Beyond simply writing a check, WFCU also seeks deeper engagement from credit unions and system partners by offering a global credit union learning experience to help win the war for talent retention and development.

Through Global Bridges, WFCU offers credit unions the opportunity to provide staff with learning, networking and volunteering initiatives through an a la carte, custom credit union experience, with themes and touchpoints designed to help solve these system gaps and deliver development value.

“Our Bridge the Gap campaign is about igniting a credit union’s intentional interest in helping to grow and support our global movement,” said Mike Reuter, Worldwide Foundation’s Executive Director. “We are positioned today through Global Bridges to add value back to system partners who see a strategic interest in connecting globally, understanding these challenges and surfacing solutions to meet them. When credit unions participate, they are helping to make an impact, engage their teams and advance cooperative finance worldwide.”

To join the Bridge the Gap campaign as a global champion of Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, visit

You can visit the Global Bridges landing page at for more information on this program.

About World Council of Credit Unions

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