YCUP touts new CU strategic planning tool

Your Credit Union Partner has joined forces with the credit union consulting firm Mark H. Smith to provide clients interactive peer analysis, other benefits

SEATTLE, WA (November 26, 2018) — Your Credit Union Partner (YCUP) today announced collaboration with the credit union consulting firm Mark H. Smith, Inc.(MHSI) designed to bring the firm’s Interactive Online Peer Analysis Tool to YCUP clients.

“I’ve been a fan of Mark H. Smith’s Asset & Liability Management (ALM) tools for a long time,” said YCUP Principal Scott Butterfield. “Today, we’re excited to partner with MHSI to include its interactive Peer Analysis Tool as part of our strategic planning process, allowing us to expand the peer analysis we provide to our clients, including a drill-down to look at Low Income Designated [LID] credit unions.”

More than half of YCUP’s clients are LID credit unions, CDFI certified, or both, and range in assets from $8 million to $1.2 billion. MHSI’s Interactive Online Peer Analysis Tool utilizes comprehensive call report data and allows for customized queries to provide valuable industry insights.

YCUP has conducted more than 35 Strategic Planning sessions at credit unions across the country in2018 – 200 during the past eight years.

“We have enjoyed working and collaborating with Your Credit Union Partner,” echoed Cynthia R. Walker, CEO at Mark H. Smith, Inc. “With more than 30 years of dedicated credit union support through a suite of outsourced services such as ALM/IRR Analysis and consulting, Balance Sheet Management, Loan and Deposit Analysis, and CECL Solutions, Mark H. Smith, Inc. is pleased to join with an organization that shares our commitment to providing affordable and valuable solutions to help credit unions succeed.”

About Your Credit Union Partner

Founded in 2011, Your Credit Union Partner is the trusted advisor to over 200 credit unions throughout the United States and Great Britain. The YCUP team are respected veterans of the Credit Union Movement and understand first-hand the challenges and opportunities facing credit unions today. Since its founding, YCUP has been able to stay true to its business model of personalized services tailored to the unique needs of each of its individual clients. For more information on the YCUP team, please visit

About the Mark H. Smith, Inc.

Mark is founder of Mark H. Smith, Inc. For more than 30 years, he has shared his expertise in managing balance sheets with more than a thousand credit unions via newsletters, webinars, and personal consultations. Smith and his credit union consulting firm now help more than 400 credit unions navigate the opportunities and perils of interest rate risk and liquidity risk on a regular basis. For more information, visit


Alison Carr
Chief Strategy Officer
Your Credit Union Partner

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