Your Full Potential, LLC announces partnership with 15Five, Inc.

(March 17, 2014) — Sean McDonald, President of Your Full Potential, LLC announced today that his company (which provides strategic planning, training, and consulting services to credit unions) has formed a strategic partnership with 15five, Inc. a company that has created a software that allows for better communication between management and front-line employees

Featured in respected publications like Entrepreneur, FastCompany, Wired, and Inc., this program is currently being used by industry powerhouses like Amazon, Sony, GoDaddy, ShoreTel, andCulture and the American Red Cross.  While these are some big companies, 15Five is very affordable and will be priced according to the number of users at your credit unions.

Here’s an overview of 15Five and an explanation of how it works:

Each week, every employee takes 15 minutes to write a report that takes their managers no more than 5 minutes to read.  15Five helps teams establish trust, develop effective and efficient communication, and fulfill individual and collective purposes.  As a result, employees feel more valued, more engaged, and are more productive.  As opposed to holding onto their ideas, employees view their report questions as an invitation to innovate and share ideas. 

15Five CEO David Hassell said, “We are extremely proud of the benefits that 15Five gives to the companies and organizations that choose to use it.  We designed 15Five to improve communication and feedback between front-line and management personnel that is so critical to an organization’s success.  We are excited to be working with Sean McDonald to bring this program to credit unions.”

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to bring an effective solution to credit unions that are dealing with communication silos. 15Five allows for greater collaboration and exchanging of ideas between the managers and the employees on their teams. When I conduct strategic planning sessions for credit unions, the most common problem that I hear about is ineffective communication within the organization.  15five will help credit unions to overcome those challenges,” McDonald added.

As a bonus, credit unions that choose to sign up through Your Full Potential, LLC will receive a 30-day free trial.  At the end of the free trial, if the credit union decides to sign up for the service, it will get another 30 days free.

To sign up for the free trial, simply visit and enter your e-mail address in the box labeled “30-day Free Trial – No credit card required.”  Answer the questions on the next page.  At the bottom of the form is a question that reads, “Do you have a promo code?”  Use the code insight-sean to start the free trial.

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