Your Marketing Co. adds Helixa for improved marketing messaging

The more credit unions know about their ideal members, the better they can connect

GREENVILLE, SC (September 12, 2022) — Understanding your audience is critical to story sharing. To serve its strategic marketing clients even better in this area, Your Marketing Co. has invested to offer Helixa, a powerful artificial intelligence engine that helps brands connect in a more meaningful way with the audiences that matter most to them.

“We always stress the importance of understanding your ideal member and building your credit union around them,” Your Marketing Co. CEO Bo McDonald said. “Helixa gives us the opportunity to get to know the ideal member in depth. It will help us know where to spend our budget, their preferences when consuming content and the brands they love.”

Credit unions have tremendous data points on their members, but often only have access to narrow slices of data about their potential members. Helixa looks at groups of people, from every angle and dimension, and delivers a way to get more insight into both their hearts (behavior, interests, beliefs) and minds (stated intentions) all in one place. Your Marketing Co. intends to leverage these insights to better understand and help its clients connect with potential members, particularly younger consumers. It will also help them dive deeper into existing members with psychographics and preferences – data that cannot be pulled from credit unions’ core systems.

The platform has infused AI with the most current research into human behavior and connected it with the latest demographic, engagement and census data to enable truly representative and uniquely insightful results. Leveraging Helixa, Your Marketing Co. will be able to identify patterns and connections “at unparalleled depth, scale, and speed, providing insight in minutes.” The result is marketing that delights and moves consumers, allowing credit unions to grow more profitable relationships.

“Having this knowledge is invaluable to building a strategic marketing plan to reach members and grow credit unions,” McDonald explained.

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