Your Marketing Co. partners with viral video star to blast bad bankers

GREENVILLE, SC (March 8, 2019) — As credit union executives “Hike the Hill” seeking to increase congressional awareness on many credit unions issues this week, Your Marketing Co. has unveiled a 30-second video called “Poke Your Eyes Out.” A hilarious and yet bizarre ad, it’s a dog-whistle shot that you don’t need a money-hungry big bank to be happy.

The video, which can be found at, features YouTube star, Valerie Sassyfras. She is perhaps best known for her 2018 viral video “Girls Night Out,” where she performed her signature dance at a children’s Mardi Gras party at Confetti Park in New Orleans. It landed her as a comedic feature on NBC’s “Ellen,” MTV’s “Ridiculousness” and others. YMC returned to the scene to re-record the hit with a credit union-themed twist.

Love it or hate it, the video is to become a viral sensation as viewers try to figure out what is going on. Through very uncanny dance and song, Sassyfras and her crew quickly plant the seed: Banks answer to shareholders; credit unions answer to you.

With a national campaign already underway by the trade association, YMC President Bo McDonald said this was a chance to have a little fun at the expense of the countless bankers who make so many consumers want to “poke their eyes out.”

“They’ll probably facepalm and shake their heads at the Sassyfras craziness,” he admitted when asked how the trade association might respond. “But in the end, I hope this is something fun that credit union leaders can rally around and share a laugh about as we do our best to show our elected officials why consumers across the country feel so incredibly frustrated when it comes to the big banks.”

The multimedia campaign is available to credit unions at For more on Valerie Sassyfras’ choreography, music and songwriting, visit

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