Press advances to connect more consumers to credit unions

Credit Union Awareness strategically evolves to aid in both consideration and conversion

WASHINGTON, DC (April 4, 2022) — Credit Union AwarenessTM, who runs the industry’s only national and state level consumer marketing program to generate awareness and consideration for credit unions, announces the relaunch of This consumer website not only serves as the destination for paid ads but also connects consumers with more content about the benefits of joining a credit union. In addition, the website highlights participating credit unions by encouraging consumers to “Join Now”. 

Since launching the program in 2019, Credit Union Awareness has successfully exceeded consumer consideration goals by 8 points. To put this data into perspective, a one-point increase in consideration is equal to roughly 2 million consumers. Now, Credit Union Awareness is converting that consideration into action – more consumers than ever will be connected directly to credit unions. 

“The first three years of the program has shown us that consumers are eager to learn more about credit unions, but they want more than information; they want a clearly defined digital pathway to connect with a credit union,” says Chris Lorence, Executive Director of CU Awareness, LLC.  “This strategic expansion will now better complete the consumer journey by urging people to not only find, but also join, a credit union. There are millions and millions of consumers who are ready to add a credit union as their best financial partner.”

The new website boasts a bolder color palette, more content for consumers to engage with, a credit union locator and matcher, and many more resources that connect consumers directly to credit unions. Additionally, credit unions who participate in the program will have greater visibility on the site and access to new marketing assets for use in organic social media channels. By the end of 2022, the Credit Union Awareness team anticipates consumer traffic to the site to exceed 10 million visits.  

To date, the campaign has resulted in 4.3 billion impressions and over 11 million visits to – a consumer-facing website that encourages visitors to learn more about the benefits of credit unions, and ultimately the pathways to membership.

About CU Awareness LLC

CU Awareness LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Union National Association (CUNA). CU Awareness LLC is responsible for the administration, fundraising, and daily activities of the nation’s only paid digital media campaign designed to increase consumer consideration for credit unions, resulting in increased membership opportunities and market shareTo find your nearest credit union,


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