Zappos Announced as Opening Keynote Session at the 2012 CUNA Marketing Management School

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Madison, WI (February 2, 2012) – Culture Evangelist for Zappos Insights, Jon Wolske, will speak at the 2012 CUNA Marketing Management Schools, April 30-May 3, 2012 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. For school and registration information visit

Zappos Inc., is regarded as one of the world leaders in both company culture and service.  Jon Wolske, a veteran employee and speaker for the online shoe company Zappos Inc., will share his solutions for credit unions seeking to strengthen their company culture and improve their service. He will also share some insights about the important role marketers play during crisis management based on the recent events Zappos encountered. Read story here.

The CUNA Marketing Management School is one of the longest-running and most respected conferences in the marketing industry, providing detailed insight into the theories, strategies and techniques behind a successful credit union marketing department. Divided into a three-year program, credit union marketers of all skill levels will learn marketing strategies and tips to take back to their credit union.

First year attendees will learn the fundamentals of marketing for credit unions and gain a working knowledge of the marketing basics. Students attending years two and three of the CUNA Marketing Management School will build upon their introductory knowledge and learn how use these skills to implement their own strategic marketing initiatives. After attending this school, credit union marketers will have the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm needed to maximize their marketing efforts.

Attendees of the CUNA Marketing Management Schools will:

  • Work towards their Credit Union Certified Marketing Executive™ (CU-CME) designation, the only marketing executive certification program in the industry
  • Hear from culture evangelist for Zappos Insights, Jon Wolske
  • Clear up their compliance concerns with the pre-conference Marketing Compliance Workshop
  • Experience an event endorsed by the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council
  • Network with credit union marketing peers to see what others in the field are finding successful

This year attendees of the CUNA Marketing Management School will have the opportunity to earn their Credit Union Certified Marketing Executive™ (CU-CME) designation by attending all three years of the CUNA Marketing Management School and passing a comprehensive exam at the end of each term. More information about the CU-CME designation can be found here.

For more information about the CUNA Marketing Management School and to register, visit 

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