Zombies at South Bay Credit Union

(October 24, 2013) — Don’t be afraid when you drive up to South Bay Credit Union this month.

The Redondo Beach credit union launched a month-long Zombie campaign and are dying to help their members get the loans and services they need to scare the walking dead approach to financial services right out the window.

Every Friday, and on Halloween itself, SBCU staff will be in costume, but all month they’ll be scaring up consumer loans for their members. On Fridays, members will have chances to win DVDs of “World War Z,” and other ghoulish stuff.

“We’re not afraid to have fun,” says Jennifer Oliver, SBCU President/CEO. “We set a goal to make $1,500,000 in consumer loans in October, and we think we have more than a ghost of a chance to make that goal.”

There’s no trick, Oliver insists, it’s just that SBCU likes to treat its members to great service all year round. That’s the bare bones idea behind credit unions, witch … er, make that which … are not-for-profit institutions that save their members money and offer better rates and lower fees.

And even a brain-eating zombie knows that’s a good deal.

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