Providing a seamless payments experience

Help members transact without interruptions with these four solutions.

For most credit union members, waiting for a replacement credit or debit card to physically arrive in the mail is a major inconvenience. Cardholders do not want to be hindered—by a lost or stolen card or a data breach—from transacting or paying their bills until a new plastic arrives. Instead, they expect seamless use and access to their cards 24/7/365. In other words, they seek an uninterrupted payments experience.

To provide and maintain such uninterrupted payments experiences for their members, credit unions should consider these four solutions:

  1. Digital Wallets. Through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, among others, members can utilize their phones or other wearable devices—like smart watches—to complete a payment using near-field communication technology, all without a plastic card in hand. With the help of tokenization, cardholders can continue to conduct efficient, secure transactions wherever digital wallets are accepted. According to Visa, eight out of the top 10 merchants are already accepting NFC payments, and many more merchants are committed to turning on their NFC functionality in the near future.


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