Purposeful Talent Development: How to address two key layers

To move along your education plan for 2020 and beyond, first promote your leaders’ understanding of the effort’s value—and then move them to action.

To get people to buy into any idea, you need to address two layers: understanding and action. When working to get buy-in for talent development plans for next year, you need to first help your leaders understand that staff learning at all levels is a priority. Next, you need to help those same leaders believe in the value of dedicating the time, energy and money it will take to make your education vision a reality.

In most cases, getting understanding about the value of talent development is easier than getting action in the form of a line item in the budget. In today’s environment of low unemployment and changing skills needs, most organizations understand that development for all staff is important and should be a priority. It is the second layer—action—that takes a bit more work.

A great way to approach the second layer—getting leaders to take action—is to treat it like you would any change: by establishing a personal connection from the individual to the change. To do this, have your senior leaders identify problems that need to be solved. From there you can ask what they would like to see happen to help solve these problems. At the same time, you can recommend some potential solutions.


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