Purposeful Talent Development: Visions’ vision for growing its people

It’s important to be aspirational about creating and delivering learning programs.

I spent 12 years leading sales teams and developing sales representatives at Disney. The main focus of my role was talent development. Since Disney is an organization with vast resources, in my work there I saw what an organization focused on development could have—that is, I saw what was possible.

Then, in 2016, I decided to leave Tampa and Disney and return to my home region of upstate New York, that eventually led to a great opportunity: to help Visions Federal Credit Union grow its leadership development and staff learning programs.

Learning Expansion

When I started in my role at Visions in early 2017, we had two experienced trainers and a strong desire to start a formalized leadership development program. Back then, we offered few professional development offerings to our 500-plus employees, and I quickly learned from our VP/human resources that this would be one of my first priorities. Coming from such a rich learning environment at Disney, I felt enthusiastic about this opportunity.


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