Purposeful Talent Development: What organizational climate do you need to achieve your goals?

The recurring patterns of behavior in your day-to-day environment can push project success—or failure.

We put so much time, energy and effort into creating an organizational strategy. We look at where we’ve been, where we are and where we want to go to create goals allowing us to grow as an organization. We create goals focused on finance, members, products or services, and—hopefully—people. Whether this is a one-, three- or five-year strategy, a lot of time is dedicated to putting the plan in place.

Once we have a great strategy identified, we need to be able to execute. To do this, we not only need the right staff in place, but we must have an environment that engages, motivates and supports staff. This is where organizational climate comes in. Organizational climate is the recurring patterns of behavior exhibited in the day-to-day environment of the organization. In other words, it’s an individual’s perception of behaviors and interactions that influence attitudes at work, thereby impacting performance and productivity.

If culture is an outcome, climate is a moderator for outcomes. By understanding climate, we can identify actions that will help our environment positively impact outcomes (goals/strategy), including employee engagement.


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