Purposeful Talent Development: Why credit unions should offer continuing education for employees

The credit union mantra of ‘people helping people’ applies.

The credit union movement is founded on the principle of people helping people. This relates to how credit union professionals work to improve the financial well-being of their organizations’ members and help those members reach their financial dreams, regardless of channel. The principle also rings true when it comes to leadership at a financial institution, which can provide support and motivation for employees by encouraging continuous growth and development.

It is critical for all credit unions to offer continuing education opportunities for all employees. While it is incumbent upon the employee to take advantage of the opportunities, it is our promise and commitment to our staff to provide learning and growth programs for them. The continuing education we offer can include such things as internal and external seminars and conferences, partnerships with local colleges and universities for associate degrees, tuition reimbursement for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as educational opportunities provided by our own learning and development team and their external partners.

I believe that all employees gain from educational opportunities. By learning and growing, employees can present the best version of themselves at work and be proud of their own knowledge and accomplishments. The post-pandemic world offers so many opportunities to learn new skills, which can translate into better relationships with each other and our members.


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